What's Your New Years Resolution?

On the night of the last day of 2016 a lot of different thoughts run through my head. The excitement to start a new year, the determination I have to do better in 2017, and overall nervousness in what the future may hold for me. I don't know about you (yes I am talking to you reader; thank you for reading!), but 2016 was not a terrible year for me. It was more of a coming to terms, finishing up some long projects, and stepping into adulthood for the first time. I am officially down with school: six years of schooling including Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Yoga Certification, and Massage Therapy License. And let me tell you I am beyond happy I am done with school! I have also secured a position at a Chiropractor's office and I love my job! As we all know that with the good it can be followed with the bad, and trust me I also experienced the bad. For those who don't know, I have Fibromyaglia (this is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain in all the muscles and joints of the body) and weather, stress, and just overall life can create a flareup (along with anything and everything else). With working so much and just with the overall stress of life in general my fibromyalgia decided to ssy hello, which is never fun when this disease wants to have a party. So, learning to cope with the new symptoms and side effects of the disease that I thought I had control over. But, with anything in life you need to expect things to change or evolve into something different and we need to learn how to adapt to the change. So, for 2017 I am making one resolution for myself, yes only one. This resolution is just to be a better, kinder, and more athenticated version of myself. I want to keep evolving as a person and constantly try to be the best I can be. I feel like I can always learn more and more each and everyday. As I wrap this article up, I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2017 and I will catch up with you all next week!

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