What's Wrong With Political Correctness.?

What's Wrong WIth Political Correctness.?

A perspective on the flaws in political correctness in the US political and social landscape.

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"Hi guys, welcome to our college's Democrats club! So, today what we are going to be doing, is that due to the 2020 elections coming up, we will be discussing popular topics coming up in US politics. For example, we are going to be talking about Trump, Women's Rights, and Healthcare today! So, let's begin. Just as a reminder, we have one person speak at a time, and we must respect each other. Who would like to go first?" the President of the Democrats club, Abigail asked.

"I'll go!" Rosalia said, and walked up to the front of the room.

"So, first of all, Trump is a racist, and as Hillary said, all of his followers are "deplorables" she stated. The room erupted in claps from the club members; only a few people booed, but they were soon shushed by the other members. I found this a little troubling that they were shushed, but brushed it off, I continued to take notes.

"Secondly, I think we can all agree that Trump basically saying that Democrat Jews are traitors, is deplorable. When he calls them traitors, who are they betraying? Israel? Or him?" The crowd roared in support for her. She continued to criticize Trump for his recent comments about Jews, then gave the microphone back to Abigail.

"Ok, so our next topic is Women's Rights. Who would like to speak on this topic?" Abigail asked.

Adam and Ashley both raised their hands, but Abigail gave the mic to Ashley. "You can go after her if that's ok" Abigail said.

"Hi guys! So, I'm Ashley, and I am abhorred with what Republicans have been doing across the country. Don't they understand that by shutting down places such as Planned Parenthood, they are limiting the access to health that women can receive! All they are doing is preventing poor women especially from gaining access to healthcare!" Ashley stated passionately. The room followed her speech with loud applause, as most of them agreed with Ashley.

Adam then got the microphone, and started to speak.

" I definitely agree that places such as Planned Parenthood should not be closed down, and that it isn't right for Republicans to do that. Furthermore, while I don't think that abortion is good, I do respect-"

"Excuse me, what did you say?" Ruby said, rising from her seat.

"I was just trying to say that while I don't like the idea of abortion, I do respect women and the choices they have for their bodies" Adam explained.

"Adam, you are a straight White man, you have no business speaking about women's bodies. In fact, because you are against abortion, and want to limit what women can do with their bodies, you're sexist too" Ruby replied. The crowd behind her cheered for Ruby, and Adam gave the mic back to Abigail.

"Ok… So, our last topic is health care. So, who would like to speak?"

"I'll speak" Clark said, and walked up to the front of the room

"Hi everyone, I'm Clark, and I believe that everyone has the right to health care." The audience clapped in agreeance with Clark.

"However, unlike many people in this room, I also believe that Americans should have the option whether to join the national health care, or to keep their private health care insurance. People should be able to choose the plan that they want" Clark explained.

"Wait, how could you be against national health care?" Ruby asked.

"I'm not against national health care, I just think that it is wrong for people to be forced to be under national health care, instead of being able to keep their own private health care" Clark repeated.

"Clark, come on I know you, we all know you! As a Black male, don't you think that your people would benefit the most from this?" Ruby asked.

"My people? Ruby, do you think that all Black people are poor?"

"No, I just think that national health care would help them the most"

"So, that's a yes. Also, just because I'm Black, that doesn't mean that I agree completely with the Democrats on every single policy topic and issue. For example, I disagree with some of you guys on health care; my skin color has nothing to do with that." Clark explained.

"But you're Black!" Ruby yelled.

"And! My skin color, nor my heritage does not represent my politics!" Clark replied.

The room fell quiet for a couple of seconds, then Clark walked out of the meeting.

Ruby was left standing in front of the room again.

"Now, that's a racist" someone murmured, and the crowd agreed.

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