What's Next For The Giants?

I think it's safe to say that it's been a rough season.

So far, the 2017-18 season has consisted of the witnessing of 330 injuries, as of Week 13. Most of which, have been key players for certain teams.

For example, Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson was injured during the first Week of the season and, as recently updated, he hasn't been making much progress and will most likely be unable to return for the remainder of the season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got a collarbone injury, due to a hard hit, just a couple of weeks in. The Packers have not been the same since then; they even went scoreless versus the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Nov. 19. Rodgers will not return this season due to the severity of his injury.

Both of these teams took a serious hit when these players went down. It became rather evident how much Rodgers does for the Packers and how effectively he can connect and make plays for his team. Without his leadership, it's been rather difficult for Green Bay. Thankfully for the Cardinals, however, they've found some refuge within veteran running back Adrian Peterson, who's doing much better this season than last, alongside with veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

But, of course, teams are simply not complete without these game-changing players and, for the Giants, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was a really tough one to cope with. After going back on his injury, forcing him ineligible for the season, many questioned who exactly Giants quarterback Eli Manning would throw the ball to.

New York's running game is still in the process with Orleans Darkwa and Wayne Gallman so Manning's easy go-to was Beckham and occasionally Sterling Shepherd. However with Beckham out the picture and Shepherd's on-and-off injuries, Manning has been forced to put more pressure on rookies Evan Engram and, occasionally, Roger Lewis.

Though these rookies have proven their potentials, Manning hasn't been supplied with the weapons he needed to overcome the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys--not even the ones needed to beat the New York Jets.

After Manning's benching was announced, social media went into havoc over it and Manning, himself, was visibly hurt in his post-game interview after another loss in Week 12.

The questions surrounding Manning's time in New York is concerning, for Giants fans, because of how much he has done for this team. Yes, everyone knows he is not Tom Brady or, heck, his brother, Peyton Manning, but he has brought home two Super Bowl rings to New York. No matter what anyone has to say about those two rings, he performed and brought home the chip at the end of the day.

If the Giants are going to move forward from this train-wreck of a season, they're either going to have to:

1. Fire head coach Ben McAdoo

2. Pick up more useful players

3. Utilize their "weapons" more effectively


4. (which, personally, will be the most painful result) Trade Eli Manning

As of right now, the future is unclear.

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