What You Can Do If You're Procrastinating
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What You Can Do If You're Procrastinating

To Do Now or Later!

What You Can Do If You're Procrastinating

I completely procrastinated this article because I have super terrible writers block. So, here are a list of things that a college student (or anyone) can do when they are also avoiding all work that is due! A guide to procrastination, by a procrastinator, who procrastinated this very work:

If you are procrastinating, go to the gym! It is not like you were going to do your work otherwise, but at least in this sense you feel justified in ignoring your work. You can simultaneously better yourself while making your life harder for your future self. In addition, you can maybe make a friend at the gym and then get coffee or lunch afterwards. Maybe even get brunch! That could take hours and you do not have to feel guilty about it because really, it is important to focus on having a socially healthy lifestyle.

You can also rush a sorority! I spontaneously decided to rush this past week, and now not only have I met a huge group of fun-loving girls, but I also have not finished my homework because I am busy looking at apparel online. I completely changed my entire college experience and now life is great. *Disclaimer* if you have not been given permission to wear letters, you definitely should wait to do any online shopping. If you have not been granted permission, go ahead and shop secretly.

Go to Five Below! Buy a paint by numbers set! I swear this whole kit was meant for children under the age of ten but wow, I just spent three hours really focusing on mixing those numbers. The organization of it really makes you think that you are doing something productive; but in reality, you are just going to give up and start finger painting aggressively like I did. It was a picture of fish and now it is the sky, okay? Nature is beautiful you are welcome.

Buy a plant! Commiting to a new responsibility takes time. Buying a plant means picking out the seeds, buying a pot, and digging up dirt. If you are bougie you can buy the proper soil, but if you are a college student I know you do not have that kind of money. A new plant institutes a sense of responsibility that requires future work, thus more means to procrastinating later! Plus, you get to reap the benefits of helping something grow, and who doesn’t love that special kind of satisfaction? It is like a baby, but not.

I hope these listings can help in all future procrastinating endeavors! I also hope that more than just my mother will actually read this, but if you cannot that’s okay too. I’m sure you’ll get around to it later.

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