What You Should Know Before Purchasing or Renting a Hospital Bed?
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What You Should Know Before Purchasing or Renting a Hospital Bed?

When looking for a hospital bed, it's critical to find the best fit for your requirements.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing or Renting a Hospital Bed?

But what is the size of a hospital bed? There are many kinds of hospital bed for sale Toronto. In the table below, you can learn more about the various sizes of hospital beds!

What is the Size of the Hospital Bed and What Kind is right for You?


The bulk of hospital beds range in width from 35 to 60 inches. To give you a sense of size, twin beds are about 39 inches wide. As a consequence, the smallest accessible hospital is a little larger. Queen-size beds, on the other hand, are around 60 inches broad. As a consequence, some of the largest hospital beds are about the size of queen beds. There are a multitude of bed sizes available in these two sizes.

The average hospital bed is 42 cm wide. Adjustable and bariatric beds are often the only beds with a diameter more than 60 inches. These beds can also fit king-sized mattresses. The med lifts Adjustable beds with a med raise from Sleep-Ezz Bariatric Beds, for example, are among the few beds on the market with a diameter more than 60 inches.


The length of hospital beds ranges from 74 inches to 88 inches. The majority of beds, on the other hand, are typically 80 inches tall. Smaller and bigger beds are available if you prefer a shorter bed or want more space.

For example, the Medline Altera Long Term Care Bed is a wholly mechanical, fully configurable bed. It might be as long as 88 inches or as short as 80! This bed may be readily expanded without the need of drilling or other tools.


The vast majority of hospital beds can be moved. They do, however, have a minimum and maximum height restriction. The minimum height requirements will range from 7.25 to 26 inches. The maximum heights will be 20 inches to 33 inches broad.

The height of the bed is one of the most important features. A lower bed, for example, will make it easier for persons with limited mobility to get in and out of bed. A taller bed also makes lifting patients easier for caretakers. Your unique needs will decide the height and adaptability of the bed you desire.

If you want a highly adaptable bed, we recommend high-lo hospital beds. For example, the Medline Alterra Maxx Long-Term Care Bed can be lowered to 7.25 inches off the ground and lifted to 30 inches. This bed features an additional generator to render height as simply as feasible.

Today, the entire cost of a hospital bed might exceed $10,000! In general, there are two ways to get a hospital bed: rent or buy. Renting means paying recurring fees in return for access to facilities run by another firm. Buying, on the other hand, allows you to pay a single deposit to secure ownership of the items.

With all of this in mind, the question becomes: which option is best for you? We've included a list of the advantages and disadvantages of renting vs. buying hospital beds below. Continue reading to discover which option is best for you!

Advantages of Renting Hospital Bed

Renting a hospital bed necessitates regular maintenance costs. As a consequence, renting provides dependability as well as a flexible payment plan.

Furthermore, the company from whom you leased the hospital bed would issue and reimburse you for any repairs that were required. For example, if you have an electronic hospital bed, you may need to check the systems on a regular basis to verify they are working correctly. You won't have to be concerned with the maintenance of a reserved hospital room.

Advantages of Buying Hospital Bed

When you own a hospital bed, you own it completely. You can make certain upgrades or compensate for additional components that might otherwise be unavailable if you rent the facilities.

You will have the opportunity to acquire equity. Simply said, you will repay your investment by selling it. Renting, on the other hand, does not provide the same degree of convenience.

Finally, though acquiring a hospital bed might be expensive, there are less expensive options accessible, such as buying from a business-like hospital bed for sale greater Toronto area. Buying a bed is also less costly than renting one for a lengthy length of time.

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