This isn’t one of those lists of cute tee shirts, new brands of makeup, or adorable charms for your new necklaces. This doesn’t include stocking stuffers that you can buy on Etsy shops for cheap. Most of all, this isn’t about anything material.

Instead, you should be grateful for your health. You should be toasting to health at midnight on New Years. Or, in the most unfortunate circumstance, you should be asking for healthiness in 2017.

I believe myself to be healthy, regardless of my ‘health’ issues. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people, but from my experience, I am extremely healthy. I might take prescription after prescription, but there are so many people who take more, and who are in a much more severe condition than I am.

My recent hospital visits have exposed me to plenty of unhealthy people. I have seen the physical issues people have. And being on the neurological floor, from my room I can also hear the mental issues people have, too. Nurses and doctors will tell stories about patients, and it seems that I am a wonderfully easy case to handle. There are thousands of people that have walked through the exact same hospital doors as me and have experienced much more hardship.

If we are healthy we should be grateful and toast to health at midnight on New Years. If we are not healthy, or a loved one is not, we should also be toasting to health on midnight at New Years. We should be asking 2017 to bring healthiness and happiness, one of the most important aspects of life that we all tend to forget.

We forget our health until it takes a stab at us. We forget that we are healthy until one day a regular doctors visit turns into a life-changing hour-long appointment. We forget that we are healthy until a drunk-driver hits us one night. We forget that we are healthy until we have major, unknown symptoms of a chronic disease that we passed up until the last moment—then are rushed to the hospital.

Our lives can become crushed by our health—forever. We forgot about how healthy we were. It’s an easy thing to do. So stay grateful, or keep fighting.