Most people would agree that they love kids. They love the babies, the toddlers, the school aged kids. They are all cute, hyper, and the light of their parents life. For the most part they are cute, lovable children. For the rest of the time they are hellions that make you want to pull your hair out.

Kids are very compassionate. You see so many heartwarming moments from these tiny humans that fill your heart to the brim with joy. They show love and understanding towards their classmates and their actions are nothing short of wonderful. With that being said, they have their moments where you wonder who raised them. They throw their toys at someone's head, bite, and talk back with no fear. Those are the days you just have to pray.

You learn patients on top of patients. You have to when you are dealing with a room full of kids who think that yelling is the only form of communication. You learn how many bathrooms breaks a six year old can make in a hour, and how many animal crackers a two year old can digest during snack. You also learn how to love and appreciate these kids without even realizing.

When the school year is up and your kids have to go on to the next grade you learn about heartbreak. Even though they all make you question why you work there a few times a week, you would not trade the bond you share with your class for anything. (except maybe a day where you do not have to tell someone that they can't eat something random off the ground).

You do not get paid enough. You are not asking to become rich from this job, but if you are changing twenty plus diapers a day, whipping snot, and cleaning up after a lot of kids, you would like a little more than minimum wage. Regardless you still love your kids enough to wipe that nose, but more money would make it way more enjoyable.

You realize that you do not want kids anytime soon. By the end of the work day you are graces to send the kids on their marry way back to their parents. It is a wonderful feeling when that last kid leaves and you get to drive home without all the yelling and screaming and you getting pulled in a hundred different directions. Peace and quite. You do not want to disturb that peace with one of your own. You feel like the kids at work are yours anyways.

Despite all of this, you really do care for the kids. You become a part of their lives and get invested into who they are as a person. You learn about their parents and create bonds with them as well. You have your daycare family that drives you just as much as your real family but both are irreplaceable. You learn that working in a daycare is a new adventure everyday.