The white dress, the first dance, bridesmaids dresses, and flowers are a few of the things that come to mind when you think about weddings. Have you ever stopped and wonder why certain wedding traditions exist or how they came to be? Below are 6 random facts that might surprise you about weddings.

1. Why do Brides wear veils?

There are two reasons for why a bride wears a veil. The first being that a veil symbolizes purity. The second reason is that it is a way to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. Pagans along with the Romans and Greeks practiced the use of the veil for that specific reason.

2. Why do Brides Wear white?

Contrary to popular belief, white was not always the color of choice for a bride to be. It was really expensive to get, so brides wore the next best thing. Basically, any good dress they had regardless of the color. It was not until the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert that the white wedding dress was made a trend. Queen Victoria wore a beautiful white wedding dress and started a tradition that would last for years to come.

3. Why do Bridesmaids wear matching dresses?

You may have gone through the experience of being a bridesmaid or you might be dreading the day you will, based on the fact you will wear matching dresses. However, there is a positive attribute to wearing the matching dresses. It is supposed to bring good luck. Like the veil, bridesmaids wore matching dresses as a way to ward off evil spirits. The Romans and Greeks were fans of these and took it to the next step by making the bridesmaids wear the same dress as the bride, in order to confuse evil spirits and prevent them from hurting the bride.

4. Why do we use the term "tying the knot"?

The term literally comes from couples having a knot tied around their hands to symbolize their union and commitment to one another. The Celtics (Druids) practiced this tradition and it is still practiced by many other cultures this day.

5. Why do you wear the ring on your fourth finger?

It is believed that the vein in that finger connects all the way to your heart.

6. Why are June weddings a thing?

If you love mythology, then you'll like this fact. The Roman goddess Juno is the goddess of childbirth, marriage, and unity. Therefore, it was believed to be good luck to get married in June, to honor the goddess Juno. Hence why June weddings are goals.