What a woman deserves from a man.

What a woman deserves from a man.

Dating and courting is hard, but here is a list of things you deserve from a man.

For every girl that has ever been uncertain about what she deserves from a man, here is the article for us all. I made a list of things we all deserve because sometimes we accept less than what we deserve due to not being used to being treated well or other reasons. Now is the time to not settle and know twelve things that you deserve from a guy you date or are just starting to date or get to know.

1. A guy who makes you feel pretty, cute, and beautiful.

2. A guy who can make you laugh.

3. Somebody that you can lean on.

4. Somebody that will cuddle with you and make all problems disappear.

5. Somebody that is just as weird as you are, so you can't get enough of each other.

6. A guy that knows how to stand by you during the bad, not just the good.

7. Somebody who appreciates you for who you are as a person.

8. Somebody that you love to kiss and make love to.

9. Somebody that challenges you in a way that makes you grow as a person.

10. A guy that will do anything for you.

11. The guy that will be a gentleman and go at your own speed, whether it's the beginning of a relationship, asking you out, or trying to court you, the guy a woman needs will be respectful of her own pace.

12. A guy that makes you feel safe.

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5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Taking Over The Dating World

"Swiping for your true love?"

I do not even know what it is like to actually meet a decent guy in person anymore. Why is this? Dating apps have been taking over the dating world. According to About U.S. News & World Report, "a multi-platform publisher of news and information," presented a survey in October 2017 stating that about 70% of single men and women use dating apps during work! https://money.usnews.com/careers/articles/2017-10-...

I am sure that meeting someone that is not online is obviously possible, but why is it that dating apps have become the new world of dating? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. They are convenient

You can easily set up a date with someone on the apps when you are at work, walking through the city, babysitting; the list is endless. Instead of going out to actually meet people, you can literally sit in your bed and swipe for a date.

2. They are used for boredom

Many people do truthfully go on the app due to boredom, meaning they just want someone to talk to. However, sometimes these interactions can lead to a relationship-- you never know.

3. They are easy to use.

I personally do not think dating apps are that difficult to use. They usually tell you what you should include in your profile. It is easy to view people who may catch your interest and the apps usually match you with who you like.

4. They are great for people who are shy.

Some people really do not like going out in public to meet people. This is why they turn to dating apps as they feel more comfortable connecting with others on the apps first.

5. It can be a confidence booster for people.

From personal experience, I did not know how "admirable" I was until over 100 guys were messaging me on OKCupid for my attention. Not that I am anything that spectacular, but the fact that a guy wanted to talk to me, even if it was for something like a hook up (Ew), it gave me self confidence. Obviously you need to be attracted to the person and their personality, but the point is, getting many "likes" and messages on the dating apps can lift up your confidence.

Personally, I am on and off the apps. But hey, they work for some people.

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What My Long Distance Relationship Taught Me

It definitely is not for everyone, and that is okay.

The first thing is that it is 100% not for everyone. Being at college, I can see some couples constant struggles being apart and how it has drastically changed their relationship. I am happy to say that, for some reason unbeknownst to me, my relationship is just as amazing as it was when we were in high school. But that isn't always the case and there are things I've learned while being here that I hope can shed some insight on others going through the same thing.

The biggest struggle is always having to say goodbye. The thing I've noticed is that trust is the absolute make or break it in a long distance relationship. If there is no trust there is no relationship and, while this is true even if you live close to your significant other, it is especially prominent in a long distance relationship. There is no micromanaging someone else's life, knowing their every move, or being with them if they are into going out and partying every night.

I was unsure if I would be able to deal with having someone at home while I was away. Everyone was telling me I was going to be missing out on upcoming opportunities and "the college experience" and, for a while, I bought into all of that. I didn't know what to expect from college in the first place and then to have a boyfriend at home seemed so overwhelming for me.

Little did I know that, in the end, when it came down to it, I don't think of the missed opportunities at the school... because there aren't any. I am happy in my relationship and just because I chose to go away doesn't mean what we had all had to go away.

The biggest thing we've had to learn in this process is how to say goodbye without crying a whole river. The pain we both feel when we leave each other again validates that we are doing the right thing.

If it is meant to be there is a way and do not let anyone, especially people who don't know your relationship well, tell you that what you are doing is wrong. Do what is right for you in the end.

Cover Image Credit: Maryanne Mahoney

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