When thinking back on my senior year of high school, a ton of memories come flooding back into my brain. There are some bad memories, but most are filled with my best friends and nothing but smiles. High school was so simple. It was so cared free compared to the college world. It is a time in your life like no other, so you should absorb it. Take it all in because if I was a senior all over again here are a few things I would have loved to know:

1. Life as you know it will never be as it is right now.

2. Be friendly to the "nerdy" kid, you will soon become that kid in college.

3. Say hi to everyone in the hall because these are most likely going to be the last few months you ever see them.

4. Get to know your teachers.

5. Make new and more friends.


7. Spend time with your classmates because this is it.

8. Never be afraid to apply to that college that you have always wanted to attend.

9. Take English seriously.

10. In these last few months, don't be focused on after graduation rather than before.

11. Graduation will come and go so fast, do not wish it here.

12. The idiot you think you will never miss, you won't.

13. Take mental pictures

14. Don't let the mean girls get to you. They won't go away.

15. Don't be afraid to cry.

16. Like seriously, it is sad.

17. Do not be embarrassed if you are not sad, not everyone loves high school.

18. Don't let this be your peak.

19. Walk across the stage with ease, not too fast.

20. Breathe during your prayer at Graduation so your face isn't so read.

21. Don't be obnoxious, be a kid that adults like.

22. Love. Everyone. You. Meet.

23. Just because football ends, doesn't mean the fun ends with it.

24. Football season is the best part of senior year, but it doesn't have to be the only fun part.

25. This really does fly by so quick, so appreciate every moment.

26. Take it all in. Because you have no idea the fun that is coming your way, but you have no idea just what you're exactly leaving behind.