According to, the definition of a relationship is "an emotional or other connection between people." That being said, you can have a relationship with anyone. These key points can apply to ANYONE and EVERYONE in your life.

1. Strong character

The people you associate yourself with have to associate with themselves. How can you look into having a strong friendship when they don't even know who you are. This also relates vice versa. You can't know who someone else truly is when you can't return the favor.

2. Humor

Honestly, any type of humor is good enough. You don't have to like the same jokes, but a person without humor is just a boring person. Whether they have a hilariously sarcastic personality, self-deprecating, extremely exaggerated, or a risky sense of humor, they will be able to fit in anywhere. Humor you're not a fan of is better than a person with no personality.

4. Kindness

How can you trust someone to treat you right if they don't treat other people right. This is a tricky one that you have to keep an eye out with everyone. Your friends may treat you kindly and with the most respect, but if they're rude to a server or their mother, they don't have a kind heart for anyone.

5. Unconditional love

Not just an unconditional love for you. But an unconditional love for planet earth, cute animals they see in someones car, their favorite food and their favorite people. An unconditional love for everything means an unconditional love for you.

6. Thirst for life

Going along with the unconditional love. If they don't have a thirst for life, they can't have a thirst for you. They need to have a thirst to grow and thrive in everything they do.

7. Commitment

Commitment to literally anything. If they have the ability to be committed to finishing a crafty project, they have to ability to commit to you in any aspect. If they can't commit to simple tasks, how are they going to commit to a human being?

8. Compatibility

If you can't relate to them, you won't be able to go about your daily lives with them. Say you're holding your significant other to this standard. Can you imagine spending the rest of your lives together when you're not compatible?

9. Manage priorities

Unfortunately, you will not always be #1 in these peoples lives, but they should know when that is. There will come a time when they will need to cancel on your plans, or not even make them because there are bigger things going on in their life. If they're willing to keep pushing back these priorities, who's to say they're not willing to push you back.

10. Support system

Everyone needs a strong support system and everyone should be part of a strong support system. Enough said.

11. Strong work ethic

You don't want someone in your life who continues to procrastinate everything that is given to them. Have people in your life that motivate you to work hard in life. It's easier to stay accountable when you have people that immediately begin a new task when it's given to them.

12. Bright future

You know what you're worth. Don't settle for friends and significant others that bring you down. As much as this is not favorable, people will associate you with who you 9

13. Make you smile

Nothing is nicer in the world than having a smile spread across your cheeks.