Okay so it isn't officially summer yet but once June hits and school lets out, it's basically summertime. It's always nice when we make it to the beginning of summer. We spend all year waiting for summer break, we want there to be some way to mark the beginning of it. There's a weird pressure to make every day busy during summer vacation otherwise we feel like we're 'wasting' it. This is silly because as soon as school picks up and gets busy again, we'll be wishing for a break. While it's important to make the most of summer, sometimes the most simple things can bring the most joy.

1. Have a BBQ.

Nothing says summer like burgers, watermelon, and Popsicles. Instead of meeting your friends, have an outside BBQ, it will probably cost less and bring more summer fun.

2. Go to the water.

Weather it be the ocean or a lake, something about being near the water just brings a feeling of freedom that we long for summer to bring.

3. Go an a hike with a friend.

A nice way to stay active while soaking up the first of the summer sun.

4. Go to an ice cream shop with your friends.

Bonus points if you walk around outside while you enjoy the icecream. Something about going to get icecream brings back summer memories

5. Create a summer playlist.

Upbeat songs that you'll listen to on the lake/ocean or even just when driving around. Music has such a big impact on our mood, might as well make it a summery mood.

6. Update your closet.

Time to bring out the shorts and tank tops and put away the sweaters and jeans. When you dress like summer, you are more likely to feel like it's summer.

7. Go on a road trip. 

Spend a couple days driving/ traveling with friends. After all, it's summer so you don't have school to worry about. While you're on the road trip, you can play that summer playlist you made.

8. Do the things you wished you had more time for during school.

Facials, self care, reading, crafting, working on a new project. whatever it may be - don't find yourself in the middle of next semester wishing you had spent more of your summer time doing the things you love.