5 Things You Never Really Knew About Sororities Unless You've Been In One

5 Things You Never Really Knew About Sororities Unless You've Been In One

You probably won't admit, but sororities are stereotyped to be mean girls that party all the time.

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Well, I can admit it that I didn't know much about sororities either until after I had gone through recruitment and pledged a sorority. I only knew as much as I had seen in movies or through my friend's experiences so I didn't necessarily hear the best things about Greek life. Thus far I have learned that sorority life is more than it seems. Here are five things that I bet you never knew about sororities.

1. We hold our philanthropies very close to our hearts. 

I was always told that if I was going to choose a sorority to choose it based off of philanthropy. If there is one thing I can promise you about sororities it's that each sorority holds their sororities philanthropy close to their heart.

Philanthropies are definitely not the first thing you think of when you hear about sororities or fraternities but they are more important than you think. I know you have seen all the fun events that all sororities host around your college campus. Well, these events go towards a good cause. Each event the sorority hosts donates money to that sororities philanthropy. Sororities raise thousands of dollars each year to donate towards charity.

2. We actually don't all hate one another

Everyone always says that each sorority dislikes one another and that is so far from the truth. When you go through recruitment even if you have a friend that finds her home elsewhere I know that the friendship will last no matter the difference in your letters.

Going to a small college and only have five sororities on campus, it brings us closer together despite the letters being different. We have our annual Panhellenic Carnival in which each sorority hosts a different event at. This brings all five sororities closer together

3. It isn't always pretty pictures and sparkly letters

Filmmakers have picked up on how intrigued the public is about sororities. This has led to the stereotypical representation of sorority girls and sororities. These movies perpetuate stereotypes and lead to the many misconceptions people have about them. People think that all sorority girls do is party and skip class but it's totally not.

This past week was homecoming week so every sorority girl you see this week is going to be sleep deprived to the max. The girls you see around you this week are going to be running off 2 hours of sleep because they stayed up working on a sheet sign and then decided to study.

4. GPA is very important

Sororities definitely value brains over beauty. During recruitment, if you do not have a good GPA sororities will literally not pick you to join their sisterhood. Almost every sorority has a GPA requirement. This requirement is not only for entrance purposes. Most sororities require you to maintain above a certain GPA throughout college.

If you are under the GPA requirement in your chapter, you could possibly be on probation or even get kicked out. This is definitely a way to keep the sisters motivated to keep studying and keep the GPA up. While college is extremely difficult and stressful at times, you are working towards your life. Because in the end, being in a sorority is just a small part of your forever.

5. Sisterhood is forever

As crazy and basic as that may sound, it is true. My sorority sisters are my best friends. I have been through a lot since I have been in my sorority and my sisters have been there for me every step of the way. When my grandmother passed away I instantly had a shoulder to cry on. All of my sisters were surrounding me with encouraging and uplifting messages and support.

Whether you are going through a bad breakup or if you are getting married these girls will be by your side forever. Your sisters are literally your home away from home. I know that when I graduate from college and become alum to my sorority I will forever have a place in my heart for these girls.

They are my bridesmaids, my children's godmothers, and most importantly my sisters. I know that no matter the case, these girls will ALWAYS have my back and for that, I will be forever grateful.

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