If you ask a college student what their favorite thing about summer is, you will most likely get a variation of the same responses: beach, booze, boys, and... brats? Or some other grilled food filled with fat and grease. But if you ask a book lover the same question, you will watch their eyes swell up with light, and they will most likely tell you one of these five things:

1. Back to personal reading

"End of the semester," roughly translated means, "Back to reading for fun" in the native tongue of an avid reader. Yes, we absolutely enjoy reading, but it gets exhausting being handed required materials non-stop throughout the semester. When summer rolls around, it's a time for book lovers get to reclaim their reading lists.

2. A plethora of new reading spots

Warm weather means book lovers can crawl out of the dark corners of their homes and soak up some natural sunlight. Park benches, fields, tree shade, back yards, beaches, outdoor seating of a coffee shop, you name it! We are out from our winter hibernation and are ready to immerse ourselves back in public.

Pro tip: If someone is reading public, there's a good chance they won't won't appreciate you coming up and trying to make small talk about what they're reading. Just saying, not the best way to try to pick up someone. Save the pick up lines for another time.

3. Sequels on sequels on sequels

One of the hardships a book lover faces is the short amount of time to dedicate to a series. During the semester, we have to commit ourselves scholarly articles and stand alone books for classes, so when we finally get some extra time on our hands, we can dedicate it to finishing a series, trilogy, or sequel!

4. Going to see adaptations

Speaking of extra time, summer is a great season for getting around to seeing that movie or play adaptation. Plenty of books are being made into films these days. It is almost a book lover's duty, if one of their fav's has been adapted, to go to the premier and of course, talk about how the book is way better than the film (obviously).

5. Talking about their current read with their friends

After putting down an intense read, it is critical for a book lover to have some sort of outlet about what just happened. For many of us, we love talking our friends' ears off about our books (specially if they are also book worms). That doesn't mean, though, that we don't secretly love trying to get our other friends to pick up our favorite book.

So, you've been warned. If you have a book lover in your life, or maybe you are one yourself, you may find them spending a lot more time on park benches and talking a lot more about novels this summer...