28 Things To Expect When You're Expecting To Rush
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Greek Rush

28 Things To Expect When You're Expecting To Rush

Everything you need to know when going Greek!

28 Things To Expect When You're Expecting To Rush

New school year means new pledge classes for all Greek organizations on campus. If you're considering going through formal sorority recruitment, here are some things that you should expect before stepping foot in your first house.

1. You'll get a Rho Gamma.

At orientation before the first day of recruitment, you will be assigned a Rho Gamma who will act as your adviser throughout the process. She'll be the one calling you every morning to let you know what houses you are going to and is there to answer any questions you may have, except which sorority she's in! Build a relationship with her and the other girls in your group and you'll have a better experience.

2. You will attend an orientation the day before formal recruitment begins.

Here you will meet your Rho Gamma and your group that will stay with you throughout recruitment. There will be a presentation that explains everything you need to know going into the process, from the length of rounds to what to wear each day.

3. You're known as a PNM.

All of the "rushees" are called PNMs or potential new members.

4. There are six days of recruitment and five rounds.

Two days of open house, followed by the philanthropy round, sisterhood round, preference night, and bid celebration. Each round gets dressier, longer, and more serious as you visit fewer and fewer houses.

5. You will be given a Go Greek t-shirt.

Every girl who is rushing will be wearing the same exact T-shirt during open house rounds, so try to stand out with what you pair with this shirt and be creative to let your personality shine through!

6. Get ready to girl flirt.

Recruitment can sometimes feel like speed dating, so make a good first impression with whoever you speak to.

7. Avoid the 5 B's at all costs.

Boys, booze, brands, bible, Barack (politics)... your Rho Gamma will drill this into your head, so don't bring up any of these during your conversations.

8. It's going to get HOT.

You're going to be packed in a basement with little to no air conditioning. Inevitably, your makeup will melt off, your hair will frizz, and you will sweat. Use makeup setting spray, hairspray, and please please please wear deodorant.

9. Be prepared for chanting, singing, and banging on windows.

The row is silent until a whistle blows and every sorority starts their chants, which will catch you off guard the first time. Some songs will stick in your head forever, especially those from the house your Rho Gamma group is set up in front of, and you'll catch yourself singing them at random moments.

10. Your favorite house on day one might not be your favorite by the end.

And vice versa. The way that you rank each sorority will change with each round and you might find yourself loving one that you hated the first time or hating one that you thought was the perfect match.

11. The house that you think is the sorority for you may not invite you back.

Yes, it hurts not to be invited back to a house that you loved, but keep an open mind! It always works out, so do not drop out, even if you don't initially agree with some sorority's decisions.

12. Be respectful.

Be respectful to every girl you talk to even if you don't like her house, have heard rumors or stereotypes, etc.

13. People will try to convince you that you won't get invited back to your first house.

Don't let other people get in your head, but some say you won't get invited back to your first house since you don't know what to expect. With this in mind, be yourself and don't think about the order of your houses.

14. You'll be asked, "How do you like your roommate?"

You'll be asked this question only about a million times, as well as a bunch of basic questions about your major, what dorm you live in, and what you did over the summer. You'll find yourself repeating yourself a lot.

15. You'll be asked weird questions.

"What potato would you be?" Not saying I've asked it, but I've definitely heard it.

16. You will lose your voice.

You're screaming over people in a crowded basement during open house rounds, so you're bound to end up with a sore throat and raspy voice.

17. You'll probably get sick.

Stock up on Emergen-C now. You'll thank me later.

18. Mints.

You shouldn't chew gum during recruitment, so get used to being offered mints before each round. Don't take offense to it, but remember how close you have to get while talking to the sisters. Nobody wants to be remembered as the girl with bad breath!

19. You'll hear "Trust the process" a million times.

While you definitely should take this advice, you will get tired of hearing it.

20. It's a dry rush.

That's right, you have to be sober throughout all days of recruitment. It won't kill you to stay in, so don't risk it by going out. You also will be missing the first home football game; however, the good news is that you can hear the announcer and the touchdown canon from the row!

21. Your face will hurt from smiling.

I remember being told this advice and thinking it was a joke, but it is definitely true. You're going to be exhausted by the end of each day, so fake it 'til you make it and put on a smile.

22. You might cry...

... Or you might not. Don't be surprised if you see girls crying, especially on Preference Night. Whether or not you cry has no impact on receiving a bid from that sorority, so don't put on a show. We know when you're faking!

23. Learn to walk in heels.

You might want to practice walking up and down stairs in heels and/or wedges. Nothing is worse than falling down the stairs while everyone watches you. You also might have to run up and down the row so try not to roll an ankle. And if you have to go from AST directly to Gamma Phi... good luck.

24. Get ahead on your school work.

Recruitment happens at the same time as class. Be proactive and get as much done as possible before rush starts because you will get overwhelmed. Professors do not like to hear Greek life excuses.

25. You might not end up where your roommate/hall mates/friends do.

While it may seem like an awesome idea to be sisters with your roommate or friend, you might end up in different sororities, which is totally OK! You will still be friends and can still share your own sorority experience with them. Although, your room will have conflicting sorority decorations.

26. You will feel overwhelmed.

This is totally normal, as this is a stressful yet exciting time. Try to go into each day with a positive attitude and it will be more enjoyable.

27. You're not guaranteed a bid.

The truth is that Greek life is not meant for everyone. At the end of it all, you might not get a bid to the house that you expected or to any house at all. Don't let it make you too upset, because everything works out how it should.

28. Bid Day is the best day!

Nothing compares to bid celebration when you open up your bid cards and run down the stairs of Wilson to meet with your new sorority sisters! Remember, you're not just sisters for four years. You're sisters for life!!

Registration for 2018 Formal Recruitment at James Madison University is open and applications are due by August 30 at 5 p.m.

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