What To Do With Summer

Summer is finally here and perhaps the fact that we spent so much time looking forward to it, justifies the reason why boredom and time has become our companion. The school whole year is occupied with work and less free time; now that we have the complete opposite, I suddenly feel pointless. Lost in thought on how to make this summer have purpose and not be as stressful, the answers slowly unraveled. Thus, here are two major tips to making this summer worthwhile.

Take chances.

This came across to me earlier today while I chatted with my grandmother about random relationship issues today. She told me a story which I will now share. Once upon a time, a family went on a trip together. They were involved in an accident on the way back and only the youngest daughter survived. We’ll call the youngest daughter Sade. Sade grew up and made the most of her life socially, financially, economically...and look forward dearly to having a family of her own -- that is, until she found out that the minor stomach ache she had been having was from the accident she was in years ago. The doctors told her that she would never be able to conceive a child. After hearing that news Sade focused on her profession and isolated herself from any social or romantic life. Many years passed and a man took interest in Sade. She did her best to get rid of him, but his persistence and efforts soon created a soft spot for him. Sade opened up and explained to him that, if they did get together, they would never be able to have a child of their own. The man agreed and they soon tied their vows. About two years later Sade would find out that she was pregnant with twins. This is a romance story, but "take chances" does not have to be romantic. "Take chances" merely means to make the most of the opportunities you get this summer -- an opportunity to meet new people, to make a change and to do something different...just take chances.

Have fun.

I wish my grandmother had a story that encouraged this idea, but I am pretty certain she would not have told me even if she did. It is very important that you try to have fun during this break from school, because these few months will go by so quickly. Besides, we are becoming adults, and there are no more guaranteed summer breaks and free time. Meet up with old friends, before you part ways into this wonderful world of responsibilities. Make that family get-together, go on trips, movies, parks parties…have fun and make each moment count.

This vacation is either one of the many more you might have, or it might be one of the very few left; depending on whichever it ends up being, the choice to do something is yours. There is too much time on your hands to waste it. All in all, take chances and most importantly have fun.

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