Ideally, we would use this snow day to our advantage. Realistically, when we wake up at 8 am to the gloriously alert that class has been canceled, most of us go back to sleep for another hour or two. On unexpected days off, I often find that I spend almost have the day trying to figure out how I should be spending my day. Get ahead on work? Gym day? Netflix? Self-care? Clean my entire dorm room? The possibilities can be so overwhelming that we often end up not really doing anything (and then feeling like shit about it later). Here are some ways to be semi-productive but to also enjoy your day off.

1. Spend some time at the gym 

If your snow day falls on a day that you can't usually find time to go to the gym, well, today is the perfect day. Whether you are able to spend 20 minutes or an hour, your body will thank you by kicking out some feel good endorphins throughout the day.

2. Spend some time outside

Disclaimer: If the weather isn't too crazy, and conditions aren't too dangerous! Spending all day inside can sometimes make us feel 'bleh'. Especially, on a day when we are not forced to be inside because of classes, it can do the body and mind some good to spend 5 or 10 minutes outside every couple hours. Wear gloves and a scarf if you need to and take some pretty pictures of the snow.

3. Hot chocolate (or coffee). 

This is especially good if you can have some with friends and can focus on being in the moment instead of rushing off to the next class. It makes the whole experience better if you can see out a window to the snow outside while you are warm and cozy inside, drinking hot cocoa.

4. Netflix

Pairs well with number three on the list all though it can be tempting to spend wayyyy to long on this one. Watching an episode or two of your favorite show that you don't normally have time to watch can reconnect you to the things outside of your 'school bubble'.

5. Read for fun 

In college, reading can sometimes feel like a chore. Take this time to read a couple chapters of a book you actually enjoy. Something about just reading for the sake of reading can do wonders for stress.

6. Do laundry/ tidy up 

I am so NOT suggesting to spend the whole day cleaning your entire dorm room. Maybe picking one area, like your desk, and cleaning that can help relieve some tension and make you feel more productive.

7. Call your family (or friends)

College is SO busy because even when you think you have free time, it is really just time that you're not spending studying (the horror of wanting to exist as something other than 'student'). If you want to, you could use this time to call your parents or siblings if you just haven't had the chance to talk in a while.

8. Get ahead

I know, probably the least fun thing on this list but maybe just picking one or two classes to work on ( so you can enjoy the rest of the day) will help make the weak far less stressful. Plus you wont feel guilty about the Netflix later on.