What To Bring And What To Leave For College

What To Bring And What To Leave For College

Leave the walk in closet at home.

So I just moved back onto campus and I really condensed down when it came to what I need and what I wanted to bring. I brought a storage container they carried everything for my bed, my walls, and my bathroom. Trust me, it sounds insane but this is my third year living in a dorm. It took me a day to pack my life for the next nine months. I had to be practical and also think.

"Do I really need this?"

You know the list that housing sends you in the summer of what to pack for your room. Half of that you'll need and the actual stuff you need isn't really on there. So here's a quick list of what things you should bring with you to college.

Bring: Umbrella/Rain Boots

It rains so much during the semester. It's handy to an umbrella and boots on hand when it's starts pouring when you're walking back to your dorm.

Leave: Iron & Iron Board

You don't really need these even though it's on the housing checklist. You mainly are going to be wearing big t-shirts and either jeans or shorts. The iron board is going to be clutter the corner space in your room.

Bring: Straightener/Curling Iron

This goes without saying, these are necessary to have in your bathroom. As a girl, you at least want to look half way decent. Your hair is the first thing people look at and if you have a cute guy in your 9 AM lab, you want to get his attention so he'll pick you as a lab partner.

Leave: Tablet

Leave this at home. You have your cellphone, your laptop, and your TV. Your tablet is going to sit in your desk drawer all semester.

Bring: Router

Every student on campus can attest to this. The campus WIFI is never in your favor. Having your own router for you and your roommate(s) to use to finish your homework.

Leave: Mini Fridge

Most times you'll have one in your dorm and you have to buy a meal plan your first year. And with all the on campus eateries, you're going to forget about the twelve pack of Coke and Dr.Pepper in your fridge.

Bring: Printer

You're gonna write so many papers in your college years, you going to run out of change for when you have to print at the library.

Leave: Your Whole Closet

You're not gonna have much room anyway. The closets are the size of motels so leave the walk in at home.

Bring: Mattress Pads

The beds aren't made to be comfortable, only stable. So spring for two mattress pads and you'll have at least one night of good night sleep this year.

Leave: Fears and Doubts

Starting out at a new place or coming back, it's still scary but just remember this. You got into college, you've made it this far, you deserve to be here.

Bring: Positive Attitude


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