Being involved with sports has influenced my life in several positive ways. A quote that really stood out to me was "It's your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or loser". As the seasons passed, I could come out of a tough game smiling because I knew my team worked hard. I have learned discipline, hard work and dedication, and how to overcome difficulties over the years

Discipline can be the toughest area of sports. You have to accept the training you do and work hard. Without practices, I would not be the athlete I am today. Not only did I learn the positive outcomes of discipline, but I could bring discipline into my daily life. Without discipline, I would have trouble seeing results. I can keep myself on track and make improvements each day. My coaches continually instilled discipline to help me better myself one step at a time. Along with discipline, hard work and dedication have endless benefits.

Hard work and dedication is so rewarding in the end. Although this was practiced on the field, I could take these skills with me to school and work. No effort of mine has gone unnoticed and I can thank my hard work and dedication for that. Dedication requires a commitment to a task or purpose. My role as a teammate was to commit myself to the game, others expected my part and I expect them. Together as individuals, we could make one team. Each man was for himself, but that brought us together as one. This hard work and dedication helped my team, and myself to overcome any difficulty thrown our way.

Sports have taught me how to overcome difficulties. With each fail came a new success. When a play didn't work during a game, we could take what we learned and make adjustments at practice. Each day brings a new learning experience. After the loss of my father in middle school, nothing made me feel better than stepping onto the field. I gained a greater appreciation of the game. Soccer never felt like a hassle, I love the sport and every second I spent playing helped me put any problems aside to enjoy my time. My friends would tell me they would look over at me mid-game and I was always smiling. Whether it was ninety degrees and profusely sweating or thirty-eight degrees and raining, there was a smile on my face just to be playing again.

During my sophomore year, we only had a Varsity team, which had a roster with ten seniors. From starting Junior Varsity every game as a freshman to sitting the bench as a sophomore, I lost my confidence as a player. Receiving a new coach as a junior was a great opportunity to get back on the field. We traveled to a summer soccer camp at the University of Findlay. In the second game, I scored the first goal of my Junior season. I immediately burst into tears saying "I love soccer". The impact soccer has had on my life is tremendous. I have learned discipline, hard work and dedication, and how to overcome difficulties.

This sport has helped me grow in so many ways, alongside teaching me lessons each day that I can continue to use in my adult life