When you think of the happiest place on earth Disney World comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re five years old or 75 years old, there is something about a little mouse that can make you giggle, make you carefree and make everything a fun time. But sometimes the happiest place on Earth can make you a bit aggravated, impatient, and just want to strangle someone. Here is a guide on how to do Disney like a pro, and not piss off the mouse by the end of the day.

Don’t stop in the middle of the walkways.
If you want your Kodak moment picture with your family, please for the love of God do not stop in the middle where everyone is walking to whip out your camera, have technical difficulty for a good 2 minutes, and make everyone maneuver around you. Just pull off to the side, and you can take all the time in the world to take your pictures.

Pay attention when you’re in line.
We’re all patiently waiting to get what we want, whether it’s a ride, food, drink, show, etc. So please do not be on your phone and let the line go down a mile long until you realize you can move forward. Pay attention, keep up with the lines and don’t dilly dally.

Do not force your children to go on rides they don’t want to.
The last thing anyone wants to see or hear at the happiest place on Earth is a crying child. What kind of parent would make their 5-year-old ride a roller coaster that terrifies them? Even during some of the shows, children may start crying and ruin the entertainment for everyone in the room. Don’t be that parent.

Do not use flash photography.
If you use flash photography during some of the shows please note that the workers have clearly stated at the very beginning NOT to use flash photography. If you do it on a ride that’s meant to be dark aka Space Mountain, then one, your chances of losing your phone is pretty likely, and two, you’ve now ruined it for everyone. Great job.

Please act like a human on the monorail or any transportation.
The worst situation is when you are on the monorail and a family of barbarians’ push and shove their way through. My goodness, Disney is not going anywhere; we will all get there in an orderly fashion. It’s very obvious who is a first timer and who has done this for a while.

Strollers don’t make you the ruler of the parks.
The biggest annoyance is when a family shoves their way through or is not courteous to people walking while they have a child in a stroller. There have been so many times that I’m walking and right behind me some mom isn’t paying attention and rams right into my ankles with her kid in a stroller.

Be polite during parades.
Some of the best activities to do is see the parades at every park. You can see some of your favorite characters, hear some of your favorite songs and take in the magic that the parks give the guests. If you are above 6 feet tall, you better be in the back allowing children and those shorter than you in the front to be able to see. How rude is it to block the space for people to not be able to see the parade?

Move all the way across during the theater shows.
To use all of the space in the theaters please for the love of God move all the way down in the aisles. Do not stop in the middle of an aisle and make it awkward for people to get through, have to climb over you, and make everyone aggravated. The workers will remind you to move down and use all the seats, but don’t make them announce it more than once.

Single rider lines mean you will NOT ride with your group.
The purpose of the single rider line is to make sure all seats are filled. When there is an odd numbered group they will pull a single rider to take the place. Do not be mad at anyone but yourself for waiting in the single rider line, and not being able to sit with your group. It won’t happen.

Hanging out in front of the Fast Pass kiosk.
Rather than having an entire group go to the kiosk, hang out and complain about waiting, why don’t you send one person to get the fast passes and create less havoc for everyone.

Don't be rude to get your way.

There are countless websites that teach you ways to complain to score free things. Why would anyone make the experience negative? The workers are trying to make sure everyone has a magical experience, and if you're yelling at a worker, everyone now feels uncomfortable. It's also important to remember that workers are people too. They have feelings and don't appreciate people screaming at them and calling them names. And when you're screaming, remember to keep it PG. There are children around after all.

While Disney World is the most magical place for all who enter, it's important to keep up the magic and the happiness. Following this guide will ensure happiness for all!