My Name Is Aditi And I'm Here To Answer Your Questions About My Name

My Name Is Aditi And I'm Here To Answer Your Questions About My Name

Is my name really unique or do I keep telling myself that?


My name is common yet unique.

Not a lot of people pronounce my name correctly even though it only consists of 5 letters. Many people call me "Ditty." No, I am not named after a short simple song.

In fact, my name isn't "simple" at all. I know at least 5 other people with the same name as me and we all face the common struggle with our name which is many mispronouncing our name.

On the bright side, many people find it hard to forget my name. "Your name is Ditty right?" they would say even though they completely mispronounced my name. Usually, I would correct people and say no, it's "Aditi", but a majority of people even after I correct them still find my name quite hard to pronounce.

Sometimes even I get confused about how to pronounce my name correctly. I would question myself if my name is pronounced A-DIT-I or A-DITTY?

My parents call me "Adilu" which just seemed easier to say and it just stuck. It all started when I was 3 years old, and I shoved three q tips in each nostril and ear. I went to show my parents, my masterpiece and they just called me a "Lu-SA" which in my language means crazy girl.

So they basically combined that word with my name and that's how I got my nickname Adilu.

"Aditi" in Sanskrit means "boundless, entire, freedom, or security". Aditi is also the name of the Hindu mother goddess of the sky and fertility. Yes, "Aditi" is a common Indian name, but for others "Aditi" is a very unusual uncommon name. To me my name is special, and it represents who I am. I am pretty sure that if I had any other name it wouldn't represent who I am. It would just sound really odd if my name was "Anjana" or "Swetha" because my personality doesn't match those names.

"Satish Kumar" my friends call me laughing and giggling at it. My middle name came directly from my dad's first name. I see it on every test or important document I receive. Usually, for others, their middle name is just an initial. But for me, it's never an initial it's always written out, the whole thing.

I never really figured out what "Satish Kumar" means. It's a really common Indian guy name but a really uncommon middle name, especially for a girl. I didn't even know what my middle name was till 3rd grade. Even though I saw it a lot, I thought they just wrote my dad's name right next to mine.

But when I found out that was my middle name I literally gagged. I remember in 5th grade I moved to a different school so I created a fake middle name and told everyone my middle name was "Sydney". I did this because I was so disgusted with my real middle name.

I find my last name even worse than my middle name. My last name is "Vellore". Vellore is a small village in India and it is where my grandparents lived. Many people ask me if my last name is French because it sounds French. My last name comes from a village in India, nothing sophisticated about it.

It's an old Indian tradition to have a last name derived from a place in India. There might have been times where I thought about changing my name, but I feel as if no other name would suit who I am. If I search myself up I'm pretty sure no one else would have a name as uncommon, unique, and special as mine. The only person with the name "Aditi Satishkumar Vellore" is me.

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Cover Image Credit: flickr

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In A Society Where Sex Sells And Women Are Trying To Be Heard

You are a valuable human being, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I think it's fair to say we all have our guilty pleasures in life.

Those romantic comedies, steamy novels, or dramatic tv shows.

We love seeing the super attractive guy, with the super attractive girl.

But I think what society has picked up on, and what continues to happen, is women are being overly sexualized.

Whether it be a commercial, a show, a movie, a picture, or advertisement, sex will sell just about anything.

And I know this happens to men as well, and sure we don't mind looking at it, and might not even notice any real problems, but it is a problem.

We live in a society where men and women want to be heard, they want their voices out on the platforms for the world to hear, they want to change, and action.

We want to end major problems like human trafficking, sexual predators, and rape culture.

But let's put up a billboard of a half-dressed woman for children to see.

Let's make this simple.

No a woman or man for that matter, wearing very little clothing does not mean they are open or willing to engage with anyone sexually. This does not excuse rape, catcalling, or other sexual comments.

But listen, I am a woman, and if there is a man on the beach with a six-pack, It might catch my eye.

Just as a woman with a very revealing top may get a couple of glances, but this still doesn't have to be made sexual or overly dramatic. We can notice, and control our thoughts.

But here's the thing, if we continue to push sex, it really doesn't help our case.

As a woman I know if I walk into a job interview I'm going to look my best because my goal is to show I am a sophisticated individual worth being hired, it sends a message, just as walking into an interview with sweatpants would be.

I know I can speak for all men and women and say we all desire respect, as we should.

We don't want unwanted attention.

But there are a lot of other things we don't want either,

as I mentioned before, predators, sex traffickers, or rapists.

I believe clothing or lack thereof do not lead to such things, but rather things like pornography, graphic movies, shows, or magazines can "encourage."

NOT intentionally.

But think about it, really.

They create a fantasy, which means they aren't real. But when we continue to promote these things it becomes real for some people.

We as women want to be heard, we want respect, we want equality, but I'm telling you we are not going to get that in a society that banks off of sex. Or sexually exploiting ourselves.



2. I'm pretty sure people will still buy the product without the half dressed individuals if marketed well

I think if we want to change then we need to fix the issues staring right at us.

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