What My Family Has Taught Me

I have been very blessed in my life. I have two parents who are always there for me and have shown me what you can achieve with hard work. Which is something that they have instilled in me since as long as I can remember. But not just them, everyone in my family.

I guess that I will have to give credit to my grandparents. They were/are entrepreneurs who came from...well, not a lot, and with hard work and determination created a thriving business. They passed along to my mom these ideals, they didn't just give her things she had to work for them. From the time she was 16 she worked after school. If she wanted something she had to work for it and pay her own way.

My mom passed these ideals onto me. Though I didn't start working when I turned 16, I knew that I wouldn't just be given things. You have to work for things, you need drive and a push. Without drive what does what you have worked for mean? Why would I be pushed to do anything with my life if it was just handed to me?

Having a goal to reach for and obtain is what makes us thrive the most as people. There's something that comes from trying your best rather than it just being handed to you. To be the best at what you want to be, you have to work, and that is what my family has taught me. No matter what your current situation is, there is something better out there that you can achieve if you try. And not just a little or half-heartedly, I mean fully. You have to eat and sleep your dream, you have to make sacrifices that will one day make it all worth it.

The most I have related to this in my life thus far is sports related. It's what I believe to be true and the best thing that I think can be taught to young children. You can do anything, you just have to be willing to do what it takes to actually be that good or be better than the competition.

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