What Most People Miss Out On During Their Disney Vacation

What Most People Miss Out On During Their Disney Vacation

This is the most important part of your vacation.


Walt Disney created Disneyland in order to be a fun place for families to spend time together. He hoped that the magic found there can bring happiness and memories to families that can last a lifetime. But so many people miss out on making the most of these memories due to a few simple mistakes that are easy to avoid.

As everyone knows, cell phones can be a greats source of entertainment when you are bored. They offer games, social media, texting and more as distractions. However, being at a Disney theme park is one place where you definitely should not be bored! There is so much to see, hear, smell and do that there is not a moment to lose, especially considering how much you spent on the tickets. Even still, in one moment of inaction, too many families take out their phones and distance themselves from each other.

Rather than taking advantage of time in line to bond with family or friends, they pull up Facebook or Instagram to keep on top of their media. But going to Disney should be about your family and friends! It is time to spend with them, not a time to spend on your phone. If you must be on your phone, a fun alternative that offers family bonding is the app Charades or Heads Up. The categories and options offer hours of entertainment in line that keeps you moving and socializing with your group.

Not only do you lose out on the bonding time spent in line, you also lose much of the theming that Disney puts so much effort into showcasing. Did you know that all the items in line for Expedition Everest actually came from Nepal and Mount Everest? Did you also know that the queue showcases the story for the ride? Maybe you didn't even know Expedition Everest has a storyline. Check it out next time. Each and every queue has something to offer and is not just a place to wait to ride.

Most of this boils down to living in the moment. Is it really necessary to have your phone out to film the entire show of Happily Ever After? How many times do you really go back to re-watch videos you filmed? Especially when there are better quality videos online that Disney has posted. Not every single moment needs to be Snapchatted and Instagramed. Live in the moment. Enjoy the fireworks live rather than from the back of a screen. Appreciate the time you have and make memories together.

Finally, many Disney World guests spend much of their vacation dwelling on the small negative things that happen that may have been a drawback to their experience. Perhaps Peter Pan broke down while you were waiting in line and you were not able to ride. This is definitely something that is unfortunate and disappointing, but it is not something to think back on over and over during your vacation to remind yourself of how upsetting it was. Don't about every spare moment, because then you will lose all the wonderful happy memories that were made during the trip. Maybe a cast member gave you Fast Passes to Space Mountain as a magical moment. It won't feel so special if all you can think about it how you did not get on Peter Pan earlier in the day. Unfortunate things happen that are out of your control. The important thing is to focus on the positive and live in the moment.

Spending a family vacation at Walt Disney World is something magical! Don't ruin your trip by living through social media. It is not necessary to completely document your life and it is extremely healthy to digitally disconnect from time to time. Next time you visit the parks, focus on living in the moment and appreciating your vacation for the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

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