What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful

A good personality is the best thing you can wear.


Have you ever seen someone and stared in awe but the second they opened their mouth they were seemingly…less attractive? It sounds harsh, but it is true. It goes the other way as well. You may be talking to someone for awhile, and all of a sudden you are surprised to find that you had initially missed their attractiveness. Their charm, wit, and good personality have won you over, and that is something that even the most good-looking model could not do through a glossy photo.

Our "standards" of beauty and good looks are fostered through what we hear from the people around us and what we feed ourselves through social media. The giant billboard of the Abercrombie & Fitch model is what we, supposedly, are to consider beautiful. Then, of course, there have been changes being made. More companies, such as Aerie, are aiming their advertisements at being accepting of all body types, all skin colors, all types of hair, tall or short- it doesn't matter. To be beautiful is to be you. 100% you.

There is something more to that, though; No billboard, magazine cover, or Instagram photo could portray someone's attractiveness. This may sound confusing. We usually attribute attractiveness to physical characteristics more than personality, but I am thinking about attractiveness in a bit of a different way. If you google attractive, you will get two different definitions: (1) pleasing or appealing to the senses or (2) having beneficial qualities or features that induce someone to accept what is being offered. The second definition is what I am referring to when I say attractive, in this sense.

Wouldn't you rather be called kind, smart, or funny before someone just tells you that you are pretty? It is more attractive to have depth to your personality and a good sense of humor than just to have a nice face.

When you talk to someone really funny or exceptionally kind, their good personality makes them undeniably beautiful. So, in the morning when you put on an outfit and you fix up your hair, make sure you are wearing your good personality too. After all, a good personality is the best thing you can wear.

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