There Is More To A Sorority Than Matching T-Shirts

There Is More To A Sorority Than Matching T-Shirts

No, they're not like what you see in the movies.

Sororities are notorious for being stereotyped as unintelligent girls who live by frat guys. That’s not the case (most of the time) and people need to be educated on what sororities actually are.

So, what is "chapter"?

Each sorority has a number of chapters all across the nation, all different from the rest. "Chapter" is a confusing term for non-Greek members because it covers two areas. When talking about a chapter of a sorority, it is the specific house at a university, like a subcategory of the national organization. For example, at Troy University, there is the Delta Delta chapter of Kappa Delta, the Epsilon Kappa chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, the Gamma Sigma chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, so on and so forth. Kappa Delta at The University of Alabama has a different chapter name than the one at Troy, as well as all other sororities.

The other chapter you may hear during recruitment week, or when talking to a sister, is the weekly meeting the sorority has to discuss upcoming events, vote on things, and to spend time with each other as a whole. Chapter is either formal attire, casual attire, or t-shirt attire. Depending on which topics will be discussed, depends on what you will be wearing.

I talked to a girl about her sorority, and she said something about philanthropy, can you explain?

Philanthropy is a charity. Each sorority has a different philanthropy they donate their time and money to. Different chapters donate differently, they may work locally, or nationally. Many sororities serve in their community year-round, because service is a highly valued thing among all chapters.

Hazing… real or nah?

Hazing has a strict no-tolerance policy across all sororities! Despite what is written and pledged, it still occurs, but national headquarters do not condone it. Sororities are not out to socially disgrace you, but to welcome you into a chapter of loving sisterhood, you should not feel like you are going to be hazed if you decide to go through recruitment.

Sororities can be confusing, but if you actually try to learn about them, they can be really exciting!

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Well, I’m going to tell you seven reasons why you should get up early in the morning.

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If you are a busy person, you can use this time to really spend time with yourself before you have to go out and deal with things. You use this time for however you want to spend it. Meditation, watching your favorite show, reading a book, whatever you want to do. This is your time!

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If you have so much to do in a week and you feel there isn’t time in a day to get it all done, you can use the time that you wake up to do it. Doing some of the things that will take the longest time is what could be ideal for this time. It’ll wake you up and get you even more prepared to conquer the day.

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Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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When You're The Girl With Her Heart On Her Sleeve

The signs that your heart is your life guide.

There's a saying that certain people tend to wear there heart on their sleeve. I would say I have spent most of my life being one of those people Wearing your heart on your sleeve means that you live your life more intuitively with your emotions. You do not hide the way you feel but express and embrace it.

When you make major decisions in your life, your gut instinct will be a true guide for you to figure out the right decision to make. You will never take things lightly or "as they come" for you it will be more of an all or nothing kind of feeling. You will ask others for advice but still be in tune with yourself in the end.

When you fall in love, it will be all-consuming and overwhelmingly passionate kind of love. Kindness will be a natural character trait. You will be sweet towards nearly every person you meet. People will be attracted to the energy you bring and will be excited to become more open.

While other people will be trusting, you usually see the best in everyone, which can be both good and bad. It is no secret when you are in a good or bad mood as you will easily display the characteristics of it on your face.

Empathy is more than something you think about its something that you will feel. Other peoples emotions will easily rub off on you and you will always be able to tell someone's mood the minute you walk in a room.

Along with learning from others emotions and energy, wearing your heart on your sleeve really means what it sounds like. You will put yourself out there for the world which can be good and bad. While you may be able to be hurt easily you will not suffer from resiliency and should be able to recover from nearly any situation.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve will lead you to share your passion, joy, and life excitement with others. People will know what makes your heart light up. Ultimately, people who wear their heart on their sleeve are positive, optimistic, and open. They are a gift to the world and you should embrace your chance to be surrounded by free-spirited life-loving individuals.

Cover Image Credit: Madison Payton Cole

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