Just like every other college student out there, I seem to say this a lot...I am so busy. You can find me hourly writing new lists I need to accomplish and trying to figure out how to balance a crazy workload.

Recently, when I should be studying, writing, or sleeping, I have been thinking a lot about my life and the people/things that make it great.

I have come to the conclusion after lots of thought, that I am a person who needs an abundance of love to survive each and every day. But how is that happening?

I have openly admitted that love and happiness make me feel whole, but where am I getting it from and why am I not constantly saying thank you to the people and things that get me through my day?

What love is forever?

Jesus's Love

I have found my biggest love is something I cannot touch or see. Finding/working on my personal relationship with God has created a faith and happiness didn't know I would ever have or feel. Especially in this busy time of need, I know that I can find a daily ounce of love through prayer, thought and talking to Him. Knowing I have someone to hear my true voice each day is a breath of fresh air.

Our Family's Love

Yes, we are away from our family during our time away at college, but that is something that can bring us closer to our families. Having an outside perspective, a familiar voice, and someone to always lean back on is not only comforting but an amazing love that we should never let go of.

The love we find in friendships

As we continue to keep adulting, people are coming in and out of our lives for a reason. People you have met in college or elsewhere, hold on to the relationships that challenge you to be a better person, make you feel radiant, and continue to love you as you grow individually.

Our passions hold our greatest love

If you have found a passion, hold on to it, that is your small niche in this large world. Having something that gives you love and you give love to it, is irreplaceable. We were put on this earth to be different, creative and have unique traits, it is time to embrace them and showcase your love to the world.

Coffee is love we should never stop feeding ourselves

Why would we ever say, "goodbye" to our bodies biggest love? Coffee...yes sounds silly, but true. Coffee feeds our body which makes us as sometimes grumpy and exhausted humans happy. Nurturing our bodies with caffeine is filling our hearts and souls with an unconditional need and love.