The aftermath of the 2016 election has caused an uproar all over the country because of Donald Trump winning his seat in the White House. People are now terrified, angry, which they have a right to be. I'm not going to let you read about why I was scared too, at first. I don't want to be scared, I want something to look forward to the next four years.

1. I look forward to being a woman.

Being a woman in 2016/2017 is going to be a beautiful thing. Why? Because in the last year we have shown just how powerful we are and how we are all capable of something when we fight hard enough. For almost a hundred years we have been fighting and we've been winning. It is not going to stop now.

2. I look forward to my best friend, a gay man, finding love.

If it takes a year from now, or the whole four years I picture him with the love of his life. Moving forward, living his life like he was doing already.

3. I look forward to the evil people in this country getting the karma they deserve.

And when it happens, this smile will keep on smiling.

4. I look forward to turning 30 in 2020.

That's means I lived through the four years.

5. I look forward to seeing every single American come together by spreading love and peace.

Because hope is stronger than fear.

6. I look forward to finishing the book I'm writing.

And it will happen.

7. I look forward to family gatherings during the holidays.

8. I look forward to making new memories.

Ask yourself what you look forward to in the next four years. I guarantee a lot of it will be something positive and something that makes you happy. Continue doing what you've been doing; whether it's writing, singing, dancing. What you have loved doing forever you will continue to love. We have seen so much hate and so much loss in this country. I'm not saying it will stop, because racism and homophobia and sexism will still exist. That doesn't mean that we will cower. We will all hold our heads high and love one another. We all bleed the same, we all hurt the same. We will not live in fear. Our lives will move forward in a beautiful way as long as you keep believing in hope.