It has been a common phrase heard time and time again that "romantic" cities- London, Paris, Rome, Krakow, Prague "capture" the hearts of young starry-eyed people from the Americas.

1. I practice my language and words more carefully. 

In French class, I always heard my accent was perfect and I didn't need to practice. It was shocking when I was in Paris people would switch to English upon hearing my native accent (which I thought was non-existant) Somebody can never totally hide their native accent, but I did try to make it so I was more understandable whenever I spoke French.

2. I eat slower.

Back in my homeland mealtimes are usually hurried, but in France I learned that eating is an art- and I would appreciate the beauty of how the meal is set up, and take longer upon eating it.

3. I pay more attention to fashion.

Of course, every day Parisians do at times wear casual clothes. There is something to be said about dressing business casual even when you do not need to, putting together your outfit and dressing for success helps you feel good about yourself and to dress for success. Everything down to the shoes you wear makes a statement- and you should own that statement.

4. I read more in French.

The more you stay immersed in a language the better you get. The secret to French fluency was much more than just casual conversations with storekeepers. I had to think in French, so consequently this led to me listening to music in French, reading as much as I could in French, having my phone in French and keeping immersion up at all times

5. France is "my heart."

as cliche as it is, there is something about the first foreign country you spend an extended period of time in. You make it your home, and it has a special place in your heart. I love every country of the world, but France has a special place for me- it was the first foreign country I lived in, it was the first place I immersed myself in a new language (that I studied for two years but this was the "big test") it was where I made friends, and learned much about French history and another culture. It always will be a special place for me. It is not perfect, no country is perfect- but it will forever have a special place in my heart.