What I've Reflected On With College Friendships

What I've Reflected On With College Friendships

An open, short letter to those with new and old friendship problems.


People grow and change, and so do our environments. They say long distance relationships are hard but most people don't ever think of that in the ways of friendships. New friends are amazing, but reflecting on my own experiences, as well as my friends', sometimes you're not sure where feelings of replacement are.

It's not quite fair but it's a fair thing to think of— friends aren't replaceable but don't we all deserve to have more people in our lives?

It's been a real joy having so many new people in life coming into college: new friends and a new romantic relationship. And like my last romantic relationship, (before my current college one) my friendships have fallen flat on feeling full. However, unlike my last boyfriend and I, one of the friendships did not result in good terms.

Was it because I forgot about that relationship? No, not in my heart. Did I do my best? Yes and no. Did I focus more on the places and people around me? Absolutely. It's beyond scary thinking relationships grown over multiple years could come to problems due to distance, but it should be known that something changes.

Friendships, like family and romantic relationships, are complicated, especially in a college or new phases in life. Sometimes the opposite of what I've been saying is the case: new friends impacting your self/beginnings. But the biggest thing I've collected after entering my second year has been the thankfulness of keeping and finding good people.

College is hard enough, balancing relationships is never the focus but it is your surrounding thoughts. As much as we want to say we are our only influence on how we come out, we must admit our surrounding company goes a long way as well. I'm glad to say the people who I've chosen to have in my life have made me into the person writing this article: aware and straightforward. The inconsistency of trust and love in a friendship goes along with having that within yourself. College is changing, but as a change in yourself, are things better for ourselves.

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