The Life Lessons I've Picked Up From Working At A Spa

I've been working at a spa for a few months while I am home for summer between semesters. Here are the little life lessons I have picked up so far:

1. Some people are just born rude.


You could be the nicest person, serve these people anything they want with the biggest smile on your face, and they will still be rude. Don't take it personally, it's not you, it's them. They were born rude. It's ok, you just have to be nice, do your job, and know you did what you could. If you take it personally, it could make you feel bad, but just know that nothing you could do will make them happy. Just smile and secure the bag girl.

2. You will make mistakes.


You will drop something, or accidentally give someone a dime instead of a penny, or mislabel something. It's ok. I feel like I put this immense pressure on myself the first week I was working to make sure each towel was folded with utmost perfection and that every client was happy. My boss is the nicest woman on the planet and reminded me that it's ok to make mistakes and that's how you learn.

3. Never stop trying to learn.


You will never know everything there is to know about your job. You should always be willing to learn and keep doing things to a better extent within your job. It will make you a better employee and a better person if you are always trying to evolve and be a better version of yourself.

4. Use your time wisely.


I am the receptionist/social media person for my spa. I have a to of downtime if I am being honest but I use that to help better the business. I will clean deeply, post more, interact with more customers on instagram, or think marketing ideas. If you want to be the best employee you can, you should always be finding ways to do the most work and better the business.

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