Hey everybody!

So, I've had some trouble trying to come up with an article this week, and I have decided to try something new. I love writing poetry, haven't written one in a long time, and thought about giving it a shot this week. This is about what I have done in the past week since coming home from college.

Hope you enjoy!

This piece is entitled

"What I've Done In Six Days Of Summer," by me, Anna R. Bechtel.

College seems to stall me.

I only focus on what is supposed to happen during the week, instead of what is supposed to happen in the future.

Summer is supposed to serve as a time to focus on the latter.

The heat gives me energy that the cold does not.

My birthday's in the summer, which is motivation enough. I'm too young to be considering myself too old.

And it serves as a time to make the memories you're supposed to make in your youth. The things society keeps saying you're supposed to do in your youth.

Things have been different for me this year.

I felt like I could conquer the world my first two days back. I had plans, I had ambitions, I had entries to write in notebooks. I also had a bunch of

But on that third day back, oh how I hate the number three, everything changed.

I will blame my mother for this, because it is her fault for giving me the worst cold I've had in my life.

I can't get out of bed, I can't eat without feeling ready to vomit, and I can't seem to email a few certain people.

And I've been this way for six days.

Colds are not supposed to last this long.

Even in the freezing, lonely, depressing winter, I've had colds go away quicker.

My snot isn't the putrid green that suggests sickness, thank you Sheldon Cooper!

So why am I still congested and crappy and gross?

Please someone tell me why!

Until I've been effectively cured, I just want to knock myself out with disgusting tasting syrups until my misery is over.

What's the strongest brand of cough syrup again?

This can't take forever, this won't last forever, this has to stop.

The End.

Okay, I know this isn't great. But, don't worry I'll get better in the fall when I start taking a workshop on poetry in college.

So what did you think of this?

Do I have a future in Odyssey poetry writing?

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I really appreciate any positive feedback left on any Odyssey articles. And if you have payed any attention to this poem, I really need some positive reinforcement this week.