What It's Really Like to be a 20-Something Woman in 2017

Some mornings I wake up and go full glam with hair, makeup, and a nice outfit--not because I feel that I need to, but because it's fun and I can. Other days I wear the clothes I slept in to class and throw my hair into whatever kind of bun it'll go in that day, Starbucks cup in hand.

I get Starbucks and/or Dunkin' one or two times a day, and when someone asks "Starbucks again?" I laugh and say yes because I'm tired and it tastes great. If they go another step and refer to the "basic white girl" motif I laugh again because being called basic is one of the least rude names to be called in 2017.

My professors are kind to me and help me when I need it. When I get a bad grade, I know it's not because of my professor. I know it's because I didn't do my best, and I promise to try harder next time. I'm never compared to my male classmates, and both male and female professors treat me the same as anyone else.

At work I'm paid based off performance. I don't have to worry that my male coworkers are paid more than me, because most of them have been there longer/shorter and we are all treated as individuals. We are the same: we are all employees doing our job.

I never feel threatened in a professional setting. I know that my strengths are my strengths and my weaknesses are my weaknesses, me being a woman does not change that.

In public things are about the same. I wear crop tops and shorts and older people will stare but if I feel confident, it doesn't matter. I don't say anything, or post pictures of the people on Twitter for likes. I know what my body looks best in and I cater to my own likes and dislikes, unlike what others may believe. I do my makeup and post all the selfies I want because I want to, regardless of how many likes or followers I have. Guys might stare or say something when I walk by on campus, but I keep walking and remain unbothered.

I didn't vote last election, mainly because I found both candidates to be awful for the job. But when someone tries to talk politics, I listen because we all have our own opinions. When they tell me I don't know what I'm talking about during a rant about Global Warming, I'll agree because I prefer to get my news from BuzzFeed or E! over CNN.

I like to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and American Dad! and Bob's Burgers, no matter how mindnumbingly dumb or stupid others find them. I like to read and write and I don't care who passes by my article or story, because it's my work and I write for myself and I read for myself. I think on my own. I watch makeup tuts on YouTube almost everyday and I have my own makeup instagram account because I love it, not because I'm insecure.I post pictures with my boyfriend on social media but I know how to do it tastefully, and I like to share memes on Facebook with him and my friends. We stay in and watch movies or take naps, and Applebee's is in fact a date.

My highschool and childhood friends are mainly memories besides a handful, and it's okay. Your friend from 7th grade will probably go to a different college, and it'll be fine until one unanswered text turns into 20 and you haven't talked in over a year. Things change and you aren't angry about it, and to be honest you forget.

I like to stay up-to-date on celebs, but I really could care less about T Swift or Beyonce. I don't care to listen to Top 40 anymore, and I drink my water and stay out of everyone's business.

Moral of the story is: it's not bad to be a 20 year old American woman. Social media will distort a selfie for someone trying to get attention and likes. You can't love your significant other without being gross or annoying. You can't love makeup without hating your appearance. It's time to break out of the stereotype that women in 2017 are man-hating, ignorant, insecure human beings because it isn't true. Not all women want to bring down the patriarchy, and while I may not agree with you I will always be open to other's opinions. Do what you want and do what you love, and stop using being a woman as an excuse for failure.

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