What It's Like With Divorced Parents

There seems to be a special connection between people with divorced parents. We're sort of all part of a team. If you have divorced parents, let's be friends. Because we probably understand each-other's lives inside and out. We experience whole different lifestyle that is far from the lifestyle of a person with parents who are together.

You can bond over the fact that your car is basically your closet because it's too hard carrying your clothes to each house.

Or the feeling you get when you realize the shoes you want aren't at the house you're at.

OR the fact that you no longer have to decide how to decorate your bedroom, because you now have two bedrooms to decorate.

Life with divorced parents consists of two Christmases, two Thanksgivings, and two Easters. Sometimes it's not so bad actually. You get double the celebration. BUT, if you don’t visit both parents on holidays, because I know there are some of you out there who go to moms every other year, and dads in between, it’s a little different. In your case, there's always a parent that's sad. Then you have to deal with the "Wish you could have been with me today 🙁" passive aggressive text message.

The guilt gets to you in the beginning, but as the years go on, I promise it gets better.

Try having divorced parents, and then dating someone with divorced parents on top of that. It's like dealing with 4 different families and trying to avoid 4 different disappointments around the holidays. It doesn't end, no matter how old you are. Parents always want their kids with them around the holidays. They will fight for your presence.

Aside from the holidays, having divorced parents ALWAYS puts you in the middle, and your life goes from the role of a child, to the role of a messenger. The game of telephone is extremely popular in the divorced parent community."Tell Dad..." "Tell Mom...". I know you people in my boat all understand.

Let's not forget important school events that neither parent wants to miss. That leaves you with the almost impossible task of spending time with each parent while also preventing World War III in the school auditorium. They're bound to see one another, and it WILL get awkward for everyone. Don't get me started with prom pictures...

Here's the fun part though. If one parent says no, there's always hope that the other will say yes. It's sneaky, but we all do it. When your parents are together, they team up and their favorite word is "no". When they are separated, they make decisions on their own, and you have a better chance of getting lucky with the answer you want. I've learned the ways.

Life with divorced parents is chaotic, but gives you an experience to learn from and overcome. Living outside of the social norm can be eye opening, and gives a different perspective on appreciating the little things in life. Things that non divorced families may not appreciate. Like having one bedroom to put all of your stuff in, or having a conversation with both parents at the same time, or even just having one toothbrush.

It's a crazy life that only people with divorced parents truly understand.

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