I'm aware of how prevalent makeup is for women.

Disclaimer here:There's nothing wrong if you wear it, but please, say the same for the deviants. Not wearing makeup is a choice as much as wearing it, and there's a few things that happen to you when you're one of the people who don't wear it.

1. EVERYONE wants to put it on your face.

I remember since I was a kid, I always had a friend who wanted to put it on me. I cannot tell you why. I don't know what the pull is to put makeup on a girl who doesn't want it. I have quite literally been chased around a house by childhood friends in younger days because they wanted to put make up on me. It resulted in a good twenty minute struggle in the end, and they tried to actually hold me down to put it on.. Needless to say that didn't end well.

That doesn't stop, either. Granted, nobody is pinning you to the floor, but someone is always trying to convince you that you should wear it, that you'd like it, that you'd look better, that you'd feel better about yourself, etc. The answer is no. I do not want to wear it. You do you.

2. Someone's always asking "Are you sick/tired/angry?"

Nah. I'm not angry. I'm not sick. I just don't look like I'm a famous person. I mean, (I guess?) I appreciate you asking. But could the problem be that you're used to seeing people with makeup caked onto their skin? That's not necessarily a judgement call on the people who use makeup - but I'm just saying you probably aren't used to a bare-faced kinda gal. Although, I will admit, it'd be nice to hide acne or my pale-faced exhaustion during finals...

3. You can sleep.

I don't need to get up an hour early. I roll out of bed without having to stare at myself in a mirror. I can use all of my time for actually sleeping and not preparing to see people. Do you know how amazing that is? I guess at the same token you could say I don't put effort into looking decent if you wanted a negative spin on this, but, I mean.. sleep?

4. Your skin thanks you.

The same could be said for hair dye. You dye your hair and it kinda doesn't do your hair any favors. But in terms of makeup, it suffocates your face. At the very least, taking a break from it would benefit your pores/etc. Sleep is a more powerful reason, though. But, still, looking decent as a result of not going overboard with trying to look decent - that's a plus, no? It's healthy to not use it, or at least to take a break from it.

5. It's cheap.

It's nice to not spend hundreds of dollars on stuff I eventually wash off my face. I mean, hey, if you do, go for it. But, it's low maintenance in terms of cost. I have bought exactly one "makeup" item for less than ten dollars in my entire life thus far. If you want to spend it, and that's your thing - sure. But otherwise, it's kinda nice to not spend so much on one thing.

6. Not wearing it can make you more confident.

You never freak out if someone sees you without makeup because that's your default. You start to kind of care less about what people think. I did at one point go through a phase where I felt out of place for not wearing it like most women around me, hence why I say you start to care less. Except, instead of using it, it translated into a huge confidence boost. There's nothing to hide, and if you think there is, please get out of my face. You don't think about what people think as much, and you find yourself shaming yourself less.

7. You usually wear it for a specific reason.

If I do wear the SINGULAR item of makeup I own, it's usually for a reason. Family functions, dates, relatively fancier nights out. It makes it less of a chore and more of a compliment to the people I'm seeing, because I'm putting in that extra time to get ready. It still doesn't mean anything if I don't, though. I still am not crazy over makeup even if I'll use it once a year.

8. You're a rebel and it's kind of awesome.

Rebel, nonconformist, individualist, whatever word you prefer the most. And you know what?

It's nice.