What is Merchant Navy and How To Join
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What is Merchant Navy and How To Join

Eligibility criteria and job profiles for merchant navy.

What is Merchant Navy and How To Join

Many young people choose to become Merchant Navy officers because of the chance to travel the world and the thrill of adventure on high seas. Merchant Navy is distinct from the navy because it provides commercial services. This is in contrast to the navy which is primarily associated with protecting a country.

The foundation of international trade is the merchant navy, which transports freight all over the globe. Merchant ships are staffed with many workers who transport and deliver goods from one country to the next. The merchant navy is a vital part of the export-import business. Without it, the economy would collapse!

Merchant navy work is seen as glamorous, especially by those who are bitten by the travel bug. You have the chance to travel to exotic and new places all over the globe. Merchant Navy, however, is not just a way to travel and finance yourself. It's a responsibility. Salary in Merchant Navy is very lucrative in today's market.

Eligibility Criteria

1. You can join the merchant navy if you have completed 12th grade with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

2. Candidate must be Indian citizens, male or female, who are not married.

3. Normal vision is necessary, but glasses may be permitted up to plus/minus 2.5.

4. Admission involves an entrance screening followed by a screening exam and the main writing examination.

5. After passing the test, you will be interviewed and subject to a medical exam.

6. Before you can be hired, you will need to take a ship-training class. This course is usually short-term and teaches basic security issues of voyaging.

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Merchant Navy Job Opportunities

This field has many opportunities for employment. Candidates who successfully complete the merchant navy course can be placed through various placement agencies and consultants. The merchant navy fleet includes container ships, container vessels, barge-carrying ships, bulk carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, and passenger ships. When compared to the other options, freight ships offer more work opportunities.

Merchant ship management requires highly trained personnel who are able to operate and maintain the vessels. Chevron and Mobil of USA are some examples. Denholm of the UK and Wallem Ship Management of Hong Kong are others. K-Line, Bibby Ship Management, and d'Amico are all other examples. India also has its own transportation agencies, such as the Shipping Corporation of India and Great Eastern Shipping, Essar, Chowgule Shipping. The three principal departments require prepared individuals. The three main departments of the ship are the deck, engine, and service. India has many opportunities for employment in both government and private transport organizations, such as the Shipping Corporation of India, clearinghouses, del believer operators, and others.

Merchant navy job profile (Top 5)

1. Deck officer (navigation officers)

2. ETO (Electro-technical Officer)

3. Engineer

4. Ratings - rating are seafarers skilled in helping officers with their daily tasks

5. Catering and hospitality crew (stewards, pursers, chefs, housekeepers, etc.

These are the few basic guidance about Merchant Navy. To know More Click HERE

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