What is melasma and what are its causes, and the way to treat it?
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What is melasma and what are its causes, and the way to treat it?


What is melasma and what are its causes, and the way to treat it?

What is melasma? This question is among the questions that concern many ladies, due to its negative impact on the body, and everyone women strive to scale back dark spots on the skin altogether ways, so we'll learn together about melasma, its causes and the way to treat it. it's all known that melasma features a close relationship between it and pregnancy, so all women strive to cut back the looks of melasmablack spotsDark spots on the skin, and these spots appear for several reasons, so we'll discuss within the next lines the definition of melasma and that we will study its causes and the way to treat it, here are the main points.

What is the cost?

The question on most women's minds is what can we do to stop the looks of dark spots? Also, how can we remove or reduce costs? To answer these questions, we must first understand costs, because it is: These are varieties of hyperpigmentation that are common in women, especially during and after pregnancy. This melasma usually appears within the sort of large, dark spots, whether on the face or the whole body, but it should appear mainly on the body. Melasma may be a type of pigmentation that results in the looks of dark patches on the skin everywhere the body.

Melasma is additionally known for its great connection between it and pregnancy because it could be a style of hyperpigmentation that appears mainly on the face, especially on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, and upper lip, and in most cases, it should appear on other parts that are exposed to the sun, like the forearms. Men may additionally get melasma, but it's more common among women. What happens is that the melanin layer is the pigment that determines the color of the skin, and melasma appears when the proportion of melanin production increases. Triluma Cream 15 gm for Melasma and Tretinoin Cream 0.025 for Acne

Some might imagine that this increase may occur through changes that appear in hormone levels, especially those related to pregnancy and oral contraceptives, in addition as caused by sunlight. it's worth noting that melasma isn't harmful in any way, but it is annoying in appearance for several women when it becomes very noticeable.

Causes of melasma many main reasons cause the emergence of melasma, including the following: the looks of melasma could also be because of pregnancy; Pregnancy causes the stimulation of internal hormones, and thus the assembly of melanin pigment occurs in far more than the limit so melasma appears. it's worth noting that melasma affects pregnant women by up to 10-15 percent, and it's often called the “mask of pregnancy.” During pregnancy, endogenous hormones are stimulated, and this implies that the hormones that are naturally produced within the body through melanocytes are the cells that produce the melanin layer located within the basal layer of the epidermis. Thus there's a rush within the production of more melanin.

Melasma and oral contraceptives As we mentioned earlier that the hormones of the melanocytes, the cells chargeable for the assembly of melanin, stimulate the hormones. Thus melasma appears within the type of a diagram through Melasma affects many ladies, with up to 10-25 percent of girls, especially those that take oral contraceptives. Some women take contraception pills. These women experience significant changes in their hormones which are like the changes that occur during pregnancy.

there's a note that ought to be noted that it's not necessary that everyone age group, melasma may appear, and there are some women whose melasma may disappear on its own immediately after birth, and this happens if estrogen isn't taken. one in every one of the explanations why melasma appears is that the sun's rays significantly develop and exacerbate melasma.

There also are other factors that make melasma appear, including genetic predisposition, age, and a few anti-epileptic drugs that are taken because of epilepsy, as these drugs play a significant role in aggravating it.

Melasma and age spots Costs are considered harmless But there's a so-called melanoma, this sort is (a sort of skin cancer) and this might threaten life. When to travel to the doctor if there's a change within the shape, size and color of the spots. Or if the spots itch and begin to bleed. forms of melasma we've got three styles of costs, including the following: there's a melasma that affects the upper layer of the skin, and here it's an excess that appears in brown, together with the looks of specific edges of it. there's melasma that affects the deep layers of the skin and this sort is characterized by blue-gray spots. As for the mixed melasma, it's going to affect the superficial and deep layers together, and it appears within the type of a grayish-brown tint.

There are many treatments which will be accustomed treat melasma, including Laser treatment can contribute to reducing the looks of melasma Chemical peels help exfoliate the skin and reveal new skin underneath it's easy to get rid of melasma that affects the upper layers of the skin, but it's going to be difficult to get rid of mixed melasma and melasma that affects the deeper skin layers because of the depth of pigmentation of the melanin layer.

it's known that chemical peels use a chemical solution that exfoliates the skin and thus removes dead skin cells, and stimulates the expansion of latest skin cells, then we'll get new skin. Laser treatment incorporates a similar effect but will be very subtle, because the dermatologist can have more control over the intensity of the treatment. In laser treatments, the affected areas are shocked with a high-energy light. The laser can treat deeper layers because it penetrates all layers easily.

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