Love has got to be, without a doubt, the most difficult thing in this entire world to define. Given the surplus of ideas that individuals have to swirl in their head about love, I thought I'd address a few.

Love is the absolute surrender of yourself to someone you truly care about. When you love someone, you trust them entirely. Love isn't abstaining from talking to anyone your partner might get “jealous" over, it's having mutual respect for your lover. They will trust you if you give them reason to trust you and vice versa.

Love is not losing sight of yourself and doing everything you can to please your partner, it's the understanding that, although you are in love, you don't have to spend every second together, like the same things, or have the same interests.

Love is an alliance of two separate bodies, two separate people. Expecting your significant other to never have differing views from you and never have disagreements only leads to impossible standards.

In accordance with that, love is not a relationship that has zero fights. Disagreements happen, we are all created unique. Fighting in relationships is a test to see how the two parties react. In these tests, you can choose to not listen, elevate the situation, get angry, say things you regret, disrespect someone you love, and the list goes on.


You can choose to try to understand where the person you care so much about is coming from, refuse to say anything you don't mean and speak with patients. There are multiple ways to solve disagreements and conflicts, fighting over them is the most immature of attempts.

Love is a battle. It's fighting through adversity with your knight in shining armor or your heroine goddess. It is the fondest of times and the hardest thing you will ever go through.

But if you believe in the idea that you are exactly where you're meant to be in the universe at any point in time, and you go through all of those memories, the good and the bad, together and you make it out in one piece to the other side, THAT is when you'll find long, sustaining happiness with someone for the rest of your life.

As rare as that is, we as a society want to fall in love so badly, sometimes we try and force it.

Think of a baby playing with shapes and they have to put the shapes into a cube. If you match a square with the outline of a circle and keep trying to push it through, you're going to get frustrated and worn out. Practice patience, be selective, wait for your right fit.

Because you'll know it when it finds you and all the struggles in your past will have been worth it.