What is electrochromic Window glazing

What is electrochromic Window glazing

All about Window Tinting


Double glazing has become unavoidable, so new, more innovative glazing is emerging and tending to develop. It's about adapting and responding to specific needs. It is for this purpose that the electrochromic glazing was created.

What is electrochromic glazing?

The electrochromic glazing follows the same principle as the opacifying glazing since it is possible to modify its appearance thanks to the electric current. However, it is a question of modifying not the opacity (the glass remains here transparent) but the hue, while controlling the luminous influx of the sun. It is a glazing composed of thin layers of electrode and counter-electrode separated by a charge conductor named electrolyte. When the current passes, it causes a chemical reaction: the glazing takes a bluish tint thanks to the presence of tungsten oxide and keeps it once the current cut until it regains its initial hue according to the sun's radiation. It stays bluish with strong radiation and returns to normal when this radiation is less.

Where to put electrochromic glazing?

It is used primarily as glazing for luxury cars but is also used for houses and buildings such as verandas, houses or museums. Its use is still marginal, however window tint.

Advantages of electrochromic glazing

It is a customizable glazing, described as "smart". Indeed, it is possible to adjust the level of brightness or visibility as you see fit. It helps to protect from the sun and avoid glare. Thus, it is possible to modulate the degree of heat of the room while keeping a visibility towards the outside. You do not need air conditioning or blinds. It is a system that, moreover, consumes little electricity since we can keep the tinted glass off. This allows useful savings, up to 30% energy savings. It requires no maintenance and adapts to all weather conditions and dimensions window tinting Adelaide.

Who is the electrochromic glazing for?

It is aimed at all those who wish to save energy and protect themselves from the sun, individuals or professionals. However, it is not yet widespread and its high price does not make it accessible for all budgets.

Price of an electrochromic glazing

This glazing is still marginal, so that its price is 600 euros per square meter

Other examples of modular glazing

  • thermochromic glazing whose color varies according to the outside temperature
  • the opacifying glazing whose transparency varies thanks to an electrical connection
  • the photochromic glazing whose hue varies according to the sun's radiation

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Breakups Are Rough, But They Are Important

You must learn to love yourself before anyone else


Breaking up is probably one of the worst things you will experience. I know, that sounds pretty rough, but sadly, it's the truth. No one can really sugarcoat it or say anything good about them, even though we wish we could. However, when going through a breakup, you need to accept your feelings and embrace them, not shove them back.

Some people try to hide their feelings during a breakup and act like they are perfectly cool and okay with it. I mean, maybe some people are actually okay with it and that is their way of dealing with things, and that's okay too. Well, if you are the type of person, like me, who gets really affected by these types of things, do not hide your feelings.

Don't feel obligated to go out every night and hookup with a bunch of guys or girls. I mean, that can be a way of dealing with things, but also realize that it could make you feel worse. Eat 4 gallons of ice cream, eat tons of candy, watch a bunch of movies, spend time in bed, listen to music, go for a run, spend time with friends, and let it all out. Honestly, even just cry. As weird as it is to say, crying helps so much and can make you feel better when you just let it out.

When I was going through a breakup, It was honestly so strange. There were some days when I was kind of happy and positive, and then the next thing you know, I'm in a ball, crying my eyes out on my bed. I know, sounds pretty sad. My friends and family would try to comfort me and everything and tell me to stop looking at pictures and thinking about him. But, it was almost impossible not to. This is someone that you shared everything in your life with, talked to every day, cared for and loved. How can you forget about them so quickly? The answer to that is, you can't. And that is all part of the process.

While breaking up is difficult, it is a chance for you to look back on your relationship and think about what happened and why you are no longer together. It can either make you realize that both of you deserve better and you can be happier, or the time apart can make you realize that you actually need to be with each other. Now if a situation happens where you realize that you want to be with them, but they don't want to be with you, then that can feel like another pain added. However, that will only make you stronger and teach you that you deserve someone who wants you more than anything in the world. We all deserve that.

Another thing a breakup can teach you, and probably the most important thing, is to love yourself. During a breakup, you are battling with your own emotions and adjusting to a new time without someone you once loved. It is hard. But in that time, you will learn to love yourself and take care of yourself more than you ever did before. I mean think about it, you once were putting 90% of your love and attention to someone else, and now you are putting it all on yourself. Which is amazing, because you must love yourself first before you love anyone else.

As time goes on, it will get easier. The really sad days will start to turn into okay days, and then eventually into happier days. It definitely takes time to get to be 100% okay, but it will happen. And the only way to get there is to accept all of your emotions and to tell yourself that it will be okay. You will realize great things about yourself because you will be stronger than ever from it.

It is important to understand that sometimes, things don't workout, and that's okay. They don't workout for a reason, and that reason will teach you about what you truly deserve. Every single relationship we have is there to teach us different things about ourselves. Eventually, they will help you get to the perfect somebody for you. It takes time to heal, and during that process you will learn many things, but most importantly, you will learn to love yourself before anyone else.

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Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose

Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose


Soul Singer Rosie La Posta who goes under the moniker of December Rose releases the ballad Hanging On. Finding a vocal style of her own, she hits all the notes effortlessly. You can hear past influences but she still keeps contemporary. Think Andra Day'smega smash Rise Up. As far the inspiration behind the song, Rosie says, "Besides the grief of a crumbling relationship, the hardest part in moving on is realizing neither person ever really closed the door. 'Hanging On' really paints the melancholy of the process." She first made waves her first single "Ball Game" which received a New Artist Spotlight award and was featured on AOL/Slacker Radio's "New Pop First" channel. Give it a stream.

Can you tell us a bit about your new song Hanging On?

For sure! So 'Hanging On' is about the "elephant in the room" everyone is ignoring. The relationship is crumbling, no one's letting go and closing the door to that chapter in their lives. The song carries listeners through the reminiscing sweet encounter and desperate plea for truth to set them free.

How would you describe your sound?

Always the hardest question to answer!! haha With all the new music I've been working on, there's been a huge musical maturation. With that said, there is a lot of influence of different genres, but to keep it simple, I'd say Adele meets One Republic, meets Gavin DeGraw, meets Amy Winehouse.

What's your song writing routine like?

This has evolved a ton over the years and still haven't really found a routine. My most creative moments are usually in the mornings, in the shower, and while on public transit around the city. Super random!!! I think on average these are the times my mind has the freedom to just think about anything. So, little melodies or song concepts might come to mind, or lyrics. Sometimes on a great day, all of these things come together at the same time. Little by little I build it. I don't force the song to come together in one day if it's not there. I let the idea "sit on the slow cooker" until it's ready (can be super quick or super long).

Are you playing any shows soon?

With the holidays approaching, no shows for the rest of 2018, but booking for 2019 already so all that information will be up on my website shortly. (https://www.DecemberRoseMusic.com)

Whats your favorite social media app?


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