What is Dentin Hypersensitivity and How Do You Manage It?
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What is Dentin Hypersensitivity and How Do You Manage It?

Dentin Hypersensitivity

What is Dentin Hypersensitivity and How Do You Manage It?

Ever sipped a cold drink or taken a bite from your favourite flavour of ice cream and experienced a short and sharp pain from your teeth? Most people have. Tooth sensitivity is uncomfortable and may go as far as affecting our day-to-day lives.

However, if the condition becomes a consistent irritation, especially when you consume any hot or cold thing, you are likely experiencing dentin hypersensitivity. We will share an insight into what it is, its causes, and the remedies.

Hypersensitivity- what is it?

Dentin hypersensitivity is more or less associated with a nerve problem. These nerves are located in the middle of your teeth and are safeguarded by an outer layer. The external tooth layer, which we can all see, is the enamel and doesn't communicate with the nerves. When the enamel is intact, it offers protection from nerve pain and/or sensitivity sensations. Any compromise to this layer exposes the tooth's inner surface, which we call dentin. It is susceptible as it directly communicates with the nerves. Therefore, erosion of the enamel coating leads to exposure and dentin sensitivity. As a result, you may feel sharp pain and discomfort.

Causes and triggers

There are a range of factors that contribute to dentin hypersensitivity, but here are the most common:

●Going too hard on your teeth with excessive tooth brushing, especially when using a hard-bristled toothbrush.

●Consuming foods or drinks with high acidic and sugary content.

●Dental conditions like receding gums, damaged fillings, grinding teeth, and tooth decay.

The most common trigger is hot or cold food and beverages. Such extreme temperatures irritate your nerves, causing pain and discomfort to the dentin.

Dentin hypersensitivity treatment options

If the irritation has become your new normal, it's high time to book a consultation with your dentist to establish and understand the root cause. They will ask some fundamental questions, including how long you have been experiencing it, how bad it is, and the triggers. They will carry out a deep analysis, so it's crucial to keep all the details in check. For instance, do you usually feel a sharp pain that comes and goes, or is the ache nagging and persistent? Is it a problem of hypersensitive teeth that cannot stand hot or cold food and drinks, or the acidic edibles like tomatoes, yoghurt, or a nice glass of wine? Which is the specific tooth that reacts during such moments? Your local dentist should guide you to pin down the cause and ideal treatment option for you.

The range of solutions may be needing a new filling or repairing a damaged one. In addition, there are various tailored products and a care plan to aid in recovery for those with a gum recession issue. Other alternatives include sealing the damaged tooth with resins or dental cement based on your preference and the dentist's recommendation. Dentists may also advise the application of calcium phosphate, casein, or bioglass to seal various parts of the exposed tooth.

Products for dentin hypersensitivity

Your dentist may advocate incorporating a more simple treatment in the recovery plan for some cases. A fluoride gel application can take place right in their office. Additionally, your local store will provide different specialised toothpaste for dentin hypersensitivity. They work by blocking any communication to the nerve system, but temporarily. It will ease and stop the pain that comes with the condition, so you can keep enjoying your favourite hot food and a chilled drink without affecting your life quality.

Simple to apply tips that prevent hypersensitive teeth

●Always use a soft-bristled brush with the toothpaste made explicitly for sensitive teeth.

●Keep off acidic and highly sugary bites, and when you do, rinse well with clean water after every consumption.

●Ensure to floss every day.

●Keep up with the regular check-ups as recommended to be on top of your dental health.


Achieving oral health can be challenging, but following your dentist's advice will undoubtedly help. Most importantly, visit your dental clinic for a check-up to help spot issues earlier and combat them with the right solutions. As per popular opinion, prevention is better than cure. If you also think you are a dental hypersensitivity victim, schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine the treatment solutions that will bring back your quality of life!

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