Computers, machines, and other products contain printed circuit boards. These are often colored green and provided with various colored components. These are made of plastic, epoxy, or fiberglass. A printed circuit board can be supplied with a trace pattern on one side or both sides. This trace pattern is printed wiring. These tracks are also called copper or current paths. The tracks are applied to the plate by means of milling and etching.

A bare printed circuit board contains spots, these are the holes on the power lines where the components must be placed. The components of a printed circuit board are soldered on the other side of the printed circuit board. As a result, a printed circuit board has a current side and a component side. A printed circuit board that is not yet provided with components is called a bare printed circuit board.

Components on a printed circuit boardThe components on a printed circuit board are different. These components differ in shape, size and color. The operation of the components also differs from one another, the components all respond differently to electrical current or the electrons. A number of examples of components on a printed circuit board are the capacitor, the diode, an LED, thyristor, zener diode, IC, resistor and the transistor. A number of the aforementioned components of a printed circuit board are briefly explained below.

A resistor often has a small size. Therefore, the value of the resistor is indicated in colors. This color code is in color rings. Every color has its own value.

A diode is also a component that can be placed on a printed circuit board. A diode is a semiconductor and is made from silicon and germanium. The conductivity can be determined with a semiconductor.

A transistor is an important part of an electronic circuit. A transistor can be used as a switch but can also serve as an amplifier. There are different types of transistors with various applications.

An IC is an abbreviation that stands for Integrated Circuit. These are applied in various ways.

Accurate workMaking a printed circuit board is very precise work. The trace pattern must be determined and the resistances must be accurately soldered to the plate. If this is not done carefully, parts of the printed circuit board may not work or the entire pin board cannot be used. In addition to making a printed circuit board, placing a printed circuit board in a machine is also precise work.

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