Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee that the United States of America has ever had.

Girl power, am I right?

Not quite. Though I am thrilled to see women taking the political stage with the men that have ruled for what seems like forever (literally), I am not entirely pleased with the message that Clinton is sending to young women who are looking for a role model to admire. Let's take a peek at a timeline of "examples" that Hillary has provided.

She went to Yale.

A little #tbt of Hillary and Bill back in their college days.

Ok, this isn't such a bad start! The Ivy Leaguer may not hold an intimidating mascot (go...bulldogs?), but it is sure to produce one of the country's best educations. If anything, a woman should be educated, bettering herself for the world she lives in.

She has a very successful political career.

Making history.

Hillary is one of the women that will go down in history as a leading lady. Her career highlights include: leading role in the development of State Children's Health Insurance Program, First Lady of the United States, fought to increase funding for prostate cancer and asthma at the National Institute of Health, helped create the office on Violence Against Women, Secretary of State, GRAMMY Award winner...and she has made the pantsuit legendary. This list isn't even complete -- the woman has held a heck of a lot of titles. No matter where you stand on the issues she has fought for, you cannot deny her impressive resume.

She has used questionable ethics to get where she is.

Probably listening to the Donald.

I would love to feel good about the first female presidential nominee. I would love to feel proud of the progress that has been made in gender equality. Yet Hillary Clinton has made it so that young girls are taught to take shortcuts to get where they want to go. She has illustrated that no matter how impressive your resume is, you should cheat to ensure your success. She has displayed a lack of ethical merit and is expecting to be rewarded with a big trophy...or at the very least, the presidency.

The scandals that surround the Clinton administration are everyone's favorite topic of political discussion. They've had quite the run, haven't they? The most recent of these ethical mishaps is the email situation that Hillary was caught right in the middle of. I guess dear ole Hill didn't realize that cleaning out her inbox would cause such a stir, huh? Yet the FBI, after finding that she, created a private email server to avoid FOIA requests, shared classified information, sold her influence in the State Department, and attempted to destroy evidence of criminal activity, did not bring charges against her.

So she got away with it.

Let's be real -- this election is up in the air. Neither of our options are stellar individuals, and "the least of two evils" is the conversation we're having to have. I can't help but think about the example that Hillary is setting for little girls (and, hello, 20-year-olds as well) that are viewing her actions and her success. She is trying to make history -- she already has -- but how is she doing it? Little girls should not be taught to scheme their way to the top; a bunch of sneaky women running the world, is that really what we want? Instead, we want the female leaders of tomorrow to face a challenge head on, while maintaining the grace, dignity, and integrity that we preach we want in our leaders.

I can only hope that little girls can forget the example that Hillary has set and find a role model worthy of their admiration. A woman upholding standards of honesty, determination, intelligence, humility, and compassion. That is the kind of woman that we want little girls to want to grow up to be. The example that Hillary has set? It doesn't do the job.