What The Heart Wants, The Heart Gets

What The Heart Wants, The Heart Gets

A dream that you have may come to reality in a different way than you were hoping for

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Everybody has desires. Everybody has dreams, goals, and ambitions. We are human. The things that are placed on our hearts are for a reason and should not be forgotten about because we aren't seeing them come to reality. Each individual has specific dreams that are marked out specifically for them. We are all called to a greater purpose. We all have a different calling than our neighbor. It's okay to have different passions, dreams, and desires. No matter how big it may seem, never lose hope and try to be someone you are not. Embrace the callings, gifts, and goals that have been placed heavily on your heart. There is nobody else like you.

Have you ever wondered if the dreams you have had since you were a little kid would actually come to reality? Do you ever get frustrated wanting things to happen so badly and just find yourself getting even more disappointed when they don't? Do you ever wonder what life could be like if one of your dreams came true? How differently your life could be if it did? These are all questions that go through every person's mind, and if you choose to dwell on the negative thoughts, you will just find yourself frustrated, confused, and hopeless.

The dreams, desires, goals, and ambitions that have been placed on our hearts WILL come true with hard work. The desires of our hearts will come alive, all in their perfect timing. You have to believe and trust the process of this journey. Everybody is different, so one person's dream could be the same dream you have, but their dream actually came true before yours did. You have to trust that everybody's journey looks different. A dream that you may have may come to reality in a different way than you were hoping for. You may not even see a desire fulfilled until years later, so always remember to hold on to that dream, don't let go, and keep on fighting the good fight.

What a good feeling it is knowing you've pushed through life holding onto the dreams of you heart, and then one day, it all comes into play, and everything starts to make sense. It is so much more rewarding when you know how long you have pushed through the times of feeling hopeless or desperate, knowing your time would be coming. When it finally happens, there is no confusion. You can fully embrace the fact that the journey was so worth it. It is so rewarding when life throws you surprises that literally make your heart so happy.

I believe everybody has a specific path marked out for them. Each person is made so unique which makes each gifting, calling, passion, and dream so much more different from anybody else. Don't compare yourself to anyone, not even your friends or family. Hold on to the promises in your heart, enjoy the moment, embrace the future, and trust that in its perfect timing, everything will work out how it's supposed to.

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