Coming into womanhood is an act of courage; to do so with both softness and tenacity intact requires a certain dedication to self-awareness and preservation. I learned in my adolescence that to become self-aware requires ample alone time and a willingness to confront the demons, pains and traumas that we may carry. Our healing depends on our ability to see into ourselves, to understand our patterns of coping and to listen to what moves our soul. Too often in the world, we are told to abandon emotion and conceal our fears.

True strength lies in the ability to be vulnerable and work through discomfort.

I often find myself reflecting on the words of my mother while progressing on my spiritual growth. She instilled in me values that have shaped who I am and that I feel blessed to live by. No child of my mother would doubt the power of love or dare to stop when things aren’t easy. In our household, the words that we center ourselves on are balance and faith. We understand that we cannot grow until we are in pain and pushed to our furthest limits. However, we also realize that recovery after such challenges is of monumental importance. Each of us is worthy of time to reflect and rest.

In times when our efforts seem to never be enough, we do all that we can and give the rest to God.

In my experiences thus far, I have come to learn my own truths about life. I have realized the beauty in the cycles of life and the importance of being open and able to adapt to loss or change. I have realized how critical it is to set pure intentions toward myself and those around me. I know that I wish to set out to live a life as undisturbed by momentary stressors as possible and rich with meaningful connected relationships.

I have learned that I needed to go to the places and spaces that I have gone in order to make it to every following chapter of my beautiful life. I have learned that we are all fluid beings, subject to change and that to rely on anyone other than yourself has the potential to rob you of peace. Kindness is not weakness, love is not plentiful enough, so don’t be afraid to give it and gratitude tends to make it difficult to be unhappy.

For those of us empaths and for the girls who fall in love too easily and trust too quickly, it is OK to feel immensely. However, torturing yourself with pleasing everyone, guessing intentions and waiting to be valued for your worth is not productive or healthy. You are precious, capable and worthy of receiving on the same magnitude that you give. Protect your spirit and move forward with a confidence that depends solely on your own love and appreciation for yourself rather than external validators.

Life is a gift and each day is another blessing. The journey does not owe us exclusively happiness; its beauty lies in how it asks us to do better and to become stronger with each test.