Every college student looks forward to spring break each year. Some may look forward to going home and spending it with hometown friends and family. Most, however, are excited to finally get a chance to experience the stereotypical college spring break. That means long days at the beach, long nights at the clubs, and nonstop partying with college students from all over. We think that spring break will be just like we've seen on MTV, but what happens when you aren't 21 and you go on spring break?

You've saved money all year for a flight to your dream vacation spot and you still don't have enough money to afford it. That means road trip!

All of your friends are 21 but you still have 6 months before your birthday so you have to look everywhere for someone that looks like you to give you their ID.

You finally find someone willing to give you their ID and it's your friend's brother's girlfriend's cousin who looks nothing like you.

After a couple of successful attempts at local bars you think that the ID will work when you finally arrive on vacation!

Finally, after a 10 hour road trip, you're on spring break!

You're friends are all excited and are ready to head out to the beach to day drink! You have your 21+ friends buy the beers and twisted teas because your still nervous to use the ID.

After a long day at the beach you all head out to dinner and order a few drinks with the meal. Before you do, you make sure you know every little detail of your ID. What's your address? What's your birthday? Crap! Why can't I remember my name ...

Now it's time for the real test. The clubs. You get in line to go in with your group of 10 friends, and you are the only one who is still 20.

The first 5 go in and you are next.

In your head you're panicking and everyone can probably see the sweat dripping off your forehead.

They barely checked your friends ID's so you think you are in the clear...

It's time... Give the bouncer your ID.

He looks at it, looks at you, looks at it again, looks at you again, and then asks for a second form of ID. Damn! Why didn't you think about getting a second form?

You nervously respond telling him that you don't have one and then he says you can't get in and takes your ID away.

That's it, you've lost your only chance of being 21 for the week and all of your friends are in the club enjoying the spring break you've always wanted to be a part of.