Usually, if you turn on a news station, you are bound to hear something brought up regarding political correctness. Many of us are unaware of how political correctness affects us directly, but trust me, it does.

Political correctness is the first step in restricting our freedom of speech.

People will claim that your words are not “politically correct” in order to disregard what you say, but today, there is nothing that is politically correct. From gay to homosexual, from gender to sexes...someone is going to get offended. Anything can be portrayed as offensive to someone, even without trying.

Though political correctness is most evident in politics and media, it also occurs on private medians, such as blogs, or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Many people are criticized and attacked for the things they say and post online. Everyone runs in line to point out what someone else says or does wrong, but they never just ignore it. When people are angry with others for not being “politically correct” what they said is usually being taken out of context.

People today are desensitized because of political correctness.

When I am offended or if I disagree with what someone says or posts, I simply unfollow them on my social media account. I pick my arguments and fights carefully. If someone is adamant on an option or belief, arguing with them about it is not going to make them change their mind.

I am not saying that people should not be conscientious about what they say and post, but they should be able to post their feelings without being berated. When the United States Constitution was written, we were given freedom of speech including in the press, which to me, would fall under the category of media. It is every individual’s right to have free speech, whether we agree with what they say or not. Unfortunately, people will yell at you and hate on you, but our freedom is backed - we did not start a revolution and create a constitution so we would be restricted in what we say. There is a reason freedom of speech is written in the constitution, and there is a reason why it was written FIRST!

People will persecute you for your beliefs all the time. It’s not our place to tell others that they’re out of line and their opinion is wrong. Their opinion is right to them. Only God can judge what is right and what isn’t, so we need to respect each other and each other’s differentiating opinions. It is a challenge to get along with people you don’t necessarily like or support, but God puts certain people in your life so you can learn to get along with them and act civil with them, despite your differences. I’m not saying to disregard your own opinions - it is important to stand firm in them - but do not expect others to always agree with you. It’s important to stand by your beliefs and stand firm, even if you’re standing alone. Jesus was persecuted for His beliefs and actions.

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.”
John 15:18

So next time you see something you disagree with on someone’s personal account, let it go. Never be ashamed of your opinion, and never be afraid to go against the majority. Many times we are called to stand up for our faith and our beliefs even if we are standing alone.

Jesus was crucified on the cross for His truths, so why are we holding back?