On November 15, 2017, Detective Sean Suitor of the Baltimore City Police Department was shot in the head while investigating a homicide.

The following day Detective Suitor passed away leaving behind his wife and five children. The shooting of a police officer is quite possibly one of the absolute worst crimes that anyone can commit. Detective Suitor was a retired Navy Officer and highly respected 18-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore, this deplorable act of violence underscores the issues in our city. Not only was this murder the murder of an innocent man, let alone a cop, but it also marked the 309th murder in the city of Baltimore this year.

When one ride down the streets of the City of Baltimore, they may notice that the benches proudly read "Baltimore The Greatest City in America". But Baltimore does 309 murders in 11 and a half months scream "Greatest City in America". No, it doesn't. That statistic is disgraceful. The city benches in Baltimore shouldn't be bragging about being great but instead should be warning its citizens to watch their damn backs. Because if they don't they might get shot.

According to Forbes, Baltimore is the seventh most dangerous city in America. For most of American history, Baltimore was a great town.

One of the oldest cities in America, Baltimore was once one of America's largest cities, the defender of the capital during the War of 1812, a steel center, and even at one point the US capitol. But during the 20th century and the start of the 21st century Baltimore has degraded into a shell of its former self. Empty houses line the streets, Heroin is an epidemic, crime is out of control, and the government can't seem to do anything about it.

Speaking of the government, where has the Baltimore city government been during this spiral into nothing. I guess they have been trying to help, but ultimately they have done nothing. Whether it was Martin O'Malley, the corrupt Sheila Dixon, Stephanie Rawlings Blake who couldn't heal the city after the Baltimore riots, or the current mayor Catherine Pugh, the city leadership has done nothing to control the downward spiral of our beloved city.

So, maybe it's time for a change. Maybe it's time to switch the government up a little in the city.

Obviously, the party that's run the city for decades can't fix the city, so maybe it's time for another party to step up. Maybe, the city should continue to step up its fight on crime and start punishing criminals more harshly, or maybe the city should implement policies that have seen results in other violent cities. Sure these are just suggestions, but anything is better than the current direction the city is heading in.

Either way, right now Baltimore is a sad sight to see. And if anything is going to change the first thing that needs to be done is to start protecting the cities police officers. How about instead of blaming the men and women who protect our city like we did in 2015 we start supporting them unless they really do something illegal. Police officers are the only people out on streets protecting the good citizens of the city, so maybe it's time the city stops turning it's back on them.

But before any of that, the city has to catch the criminal who felt that it was okay to kill a detective.

Baltimore, we have a problem, and recent events prove that we need to change.

And to the family and friends of Detective Suitor, you are in the prayers of many of those citizens he sought to protect. And to the five children, he's left behind, I hope they grow up knowing their dad was a hero.

R.I.P Detective Suitor, and thank you for your service.