What Happened After I failed My Dissertation
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What Happened After I failed My Dissertation

I happened to cross my college building on my way

What Happened After I failed My Dissertation

I happened to cross my college building on my way

I happened to cross my college building on my way. As I looked at the building, the first memory that crossed my mind was how I failed my final dissertation. And it surely wasn’t a pleasant memory.

Though I managed to pass it in the second attempt, but still that failure is the first thing that comes to mind – the mistake I made was not failing the dissertation but using the wrong term to describe my situation.

Here is what failing your dissertation looks like - Your professor rejects your dissertation, he marks the mistakes, gives you a date on which you have to submit the corrected version of your dissertation. Now, if you look at it with an open mind, it’s not a failure. That is what I failed to realize at the moment and that lead me down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts and self-doubt.

What to do

If you ever face this situation – your professor rejects your dissertation and asks you to re-submit it, here is what you have to do;

Understand the mistakes and make the correction:

If you do not understand where you have gone wrong, you cannot make it right. Hence it is crucial to fully understand the mistakes you have made. If you have any confusion regarding the mistakes, make sure to ask you your professor and clear those confusions.

Once you have understood the mistakes you need to make the corrections.

Take help

If you think you will not be able to correct the mistakes, it’s better to take help from your professors, or any professional who you think might be able to help you out. You can also ask your seniors to help you out.

What not to do

Give up or give in

Giving up is the worst thing you can do in this situation. Now, giving up does not only mean giving up on the task, but it also means giving in to your negative emotions, and letting them control your actions.

If you give in to your emotions, you won’t be able to put your best work, which is needed to pass your dissertation.

Be pessimistic

Everyone is optimistic when things are working in their favour, but its times of adversity, when optimism is needed the most. And when you fail your dissertation, optimism is going to help you pass it in the second attempt.

How to avoid failing in the first place:

Know the common mistakes that lead to dissertation failure

  • Not following university’s guidelines – you have to stick to your university’s guidelines when you are doing your dissertation. if you fail to do that, you are
  • Substandard presentation – grammatical errors, formatting mistakes etc. count as substandard presentation
  • Lack of critical analysis in your research and lack of coherence in your writing.

Do not overestimate your abilities

Dissertation is a tough task and most students fail to realize this. They overestimate their ability – both in terms of skills and self-discipline. You should be aware of the level of research skills that you have, because if you overestimate it, you are going to run into trouble.

Take the deadlines seriously

You are usually given ample time to complete your dissertation. The time you are given may seem more than enough and you may start procrastinating on the tasks. What ends up happening is, you suddenly realize that all the time has passed and you are nowhere with your project.

When you write your dissertation in a hurry, you make more mistakes that can prove costly and may cause you to fail your dissertation.

Make a plan and stick to it:

Dissertation takes weeks to finish and hence requires planning. But what’s more important is to stick to the plan you have made, or you will find yourself in a place where you have too much to do and too little time to do it.

Make sure to make a plan that you can easily execute, rather than making a perfect plan that looks good on paper but is impractical to execute.

Ask for Help When Needed:

Part of writing a successful dissertation is asking for help when you need it. You can take help from professional dissertation writers to ease things for yourself or you can ask help from your colleagues you can also order dissertation online so that it is perfect.

Final thoughts:

If you have failed your dissertation, realize that it’s not a failure and you still have a chance to nail it. Then you will be able to apply the advice shared in this post. And if, you haven’t fail it, you know which mistakes lead to failure. So you should avoid it from happening.


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