Before I even start this article, I want you to take all of those bad frat/sorority stereotypes and throw them out the window. This is the nitty gritty truth about Greek life, and I’m sure your opinion will take a complete 360 after reading this.

As much as I hate to say it, back to school time is upon us. Especially for college kids, because some move in as early as the first week of August! If you are an incoming Freshman, transfer student or a returning student, you have a lot thrown at you once you move in. Activity fairs, sporting events, mixers in your dorm, new classes and being lost in a sea full of people, all can be overwhelming.

Some people find it hard to stand out, make friends, fit in, to make a difference and are not sure where to start. Well, that’s when this little thing called Greek life comes into play.

Recruitment (this also has been referred to as rush) begins at the beginning of each semester. I joined in the spring rather than the fall (which is when people typically join, but it doesn’t really matter when you do anyway). As soon as Bid Day came around, my pledge class and I were welcomed warmly into the sorority. Pictures, donuts, hugs and new friends! Right away I felt included and a little overwhelmed too! But that is because it was all very new to me. Then we are given a “Big sister” who is like your “rock” and basically, your new best friend, along with the rest of your sisters.

I pledged my sorority on a whim and really didn’t have much of a clue what it may entail, I came in with an open mind, and knew that it was not what it was perceived to be in the movies. Most people think that frats and sororities are all about parties and are full of themselves. Or that they are full of “douchebags or sluts,” they “pay for their friends” and they're all about drama. Well, it is actually the complete opposite of that.

Frats and sororities have images to maintain not only on campus, but as an international organization as well. Instead of doing all of the stereotypes I listed, Greek life does the exact opposite of those. To stay in a frat or sorority, you have to have a certain GPA to maintain (and at least for my sorority, we have to log study hours together each week too). You also have to do a certain amount of volunteer hours per semester, and do the philanthropy work through your organization, campus, city and the greater good.

Although Greek life is strict on grades and behavior, we also do almost everything together. We have mixers with other frats and sororities on campus and have sisterhood events where we do something fun together. We go out to eat, hang out between classes or workout together. You all grow closer to one another, and it turns into your home away from home.

Since I have joined Greek life, I have never been happier. I have met so many inspiring, hilarious, and hard-working men and women. We are all dreamers and in search of finding the best version of ourselves which I believe is one of the biggest steps on the way to success.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. I never thought I would be some college sorority girl. I had all of those stereotypes in my head too about what it would be like. In all honesty, from what I have perceived that all the Greeks are in this together and are improving themselves as a person, giving back to the community and trying to survive college all at the same time.