What All Golfers Can Relate To

Golfers have a lot in common. From spending a lot of time on the golf course to speaking golf terms, golfers can relate to so many things, from tan lines to golf balls on the loose. Here's a few things I think all golfers can relate to:

Weird tan lines.

I mean, the closest sports that can relate are tennis and track, in my opinion. The tan lines get way funky, especially in the summer heat. From having a permanent triangle on my chest from where my shirt is unbuttoned to my shoulders being pale and my arms being red, or, in some people's case, tan, your body is basically five different shades at any given moment. From very pale feet, stomach, and upper thighs to where the variations start from the length of the clothing you wear. Going to the beach is an interesting thing too and many people stare, and it's not because I look good. The feet are my favorite part, though. Call me weird if you want, but I think it shows your dedication to golf by showing the tan line on your feet and very very pale feet. Maybe it's the competitive person in me who wants to have the worst sock tan line to show I work the hardest, we'll see.

Golf tees.

They're like Bobby pins. You find them everywhere. From my makeup bag to the cup holders in my to my shower.... I forget to take them from my pockets or from when I stick them in my ponytail and stow them wherever I can, then when I clean I find enough for myself and everyone on my team.

Stray golf balls.

This one time I was complaining because my book bag was really heavy, and I only had like a notebook in it. I opened the front compartment zipper and, lo and behold, I found almost two dozen golf balls from when I had cleaned out my golf bag and forgotten about it. Then there are the golf balls that fall out of my bag in my car that roll around, because I can never find them when the car isn't moving. I'll make a turn and people ask "what was that?!" And I'm like, oh, just a few golf balls. Then I sheepishly smile because they already think I'm weirdly obsessed with golf.

The addiction.

People who don't play don't realize it. It's like any athlete when they do something really right, like a football player throwing the perfect pass or a figure skater nailing a jump, that's what I find when I hit a great iron shot and make the putt or chip in for par. It's hard to explain but if you've felt it you know what I mean.

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