If you are anything like me, it is simply impossible to get dressed, do your hair, and put on makeup for a night out without some kind of music in the background to help you get hyped for the night ahead. What you decide to listen to while you get ready to go out could be a pretty good indicator of how your night will go.

Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna. If you are listening to these women, or any of the other strong,  talented females who practically run the music industry, your night will probably go a little something like this: you will finish getting dressed and applying your makeup without any kind of rush, because you are the kind of girl who knows that beauty takes time. Once you have been properly groomed and perfumed, you will meet up with your friends (all equally as #flawless as you) and all eyes in the bar will be on you and your posse from the moment you enter the doors. When Nicki Minaj rapped about her and Beyoncé being part of "Pretty Gang," she obviously meant to include you and your friends. Your drinks will be fruity (and free, because you probably don't need to buy your own), your suitors will be lining up to dance with you, and your Instagram pictures the next day will be on point. 

Taylor Swift. When you're listening to T-Swift, the kind of night you're going to have can range from good clean fun to "crazier than Taylor Swift when she's cutting up her boyfriend's shirt in Blank Space". Maybe you're listening to throwback Taylor, in which case you'll probably be found dancing around to "Our Song" in the center of a country bar, looking country chic in your old pair of cowboy boots and making eyes at the cutest cowboys in the place. Or, maybe you're listening to current Taylor Swift, which probably means you're going out to paint the town red and you don't particularly care what anyone thinks about you. Your night may start out as a G.N.O with your girlfriends, but when Taylor Swift music is involved, the night will most likely end with some kind of guy drama. But hey, you're young and you're reckless,
so what's life without a little excitement? 

Britney Spears, 'N SYNC, other throwback music.  You and your friends have no problem blasting "Wannabe," by the Spice Girls, on your car radio and dancing around to, "Oops, I Did It Again." That's because you know that the throwbacks, just like you, are classics that will never go out of style. When this kind of music is the start to your night, it is a sure sign that you and your group will probably be the life of the party. You grew up watching Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dance, so you definitely know how to tear it up on the dance floor. When the DJ plays any throwback jams, you take the spotlight because you can belt out the words to Smash Mouth's, "All Star," better than anyone else in the club. Your night will probably end with you and your friends getting food somewhere super late and joking around about the fun you had that night. You will end up reminiscing about the good times, knowing that when it comes to you and your friends, even better times are right around the corner.

"Tuesday." ILoveMakonnen & Drake. You and your girls got the club going up, and it's probably Tuesday.

Big Sean, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Rae Sremmurd. If your night is starting off with raps like, "IDFWU," by Big Sean, it is a pretty sure bet that your main goal is to go out and get as crazy as you possibly can. You probably have homework to do, or a class in the morning, but you couldn't care less. You have 99 problems and you are going out to forget about all of them. The night will be one you probably won't remember, but your friends will never let you forget. You will probably be piecing the night together via your friend's Snapchat stories and your various photobomb appearances in other people's Instagram pics. You don't particularly care where you go out, or what you are drinking, because, well, you ain't got no type. You might not make it to class tomorrow but, sometimes, you just gotta get out there and go wild.